Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Earth day always seems to make me smile! I vividly remember the annual tree planting ceremony (in honor of Earth day) every year at my elementary school... and since I've long since graduated from Kurtz Elementary, I'd rather share my top ten ways that I enjoy being 'green!'

1. I LOVE to recycle! Each week I try to set out more recycling than trash! We try our best to just set one garbage bag curbside each week!

2. I enjoy recyclable grocery bags- especially insulated ones...wink! OK, I have been more forgetful of using my cloth bags recently, but at least my favorites are currently resting on my passenger seat waiting for their next commission!

3. We saved a bundle of landfill space by using cloth diapers! Cute cheeks need cute covers... enough said!

4. I LOVE to reuse containers- especially glass ones! Some things just look prettier in glass!

5. When the weather permits, I enjoy running my errands on foot! This year my son prefers to walk instead of stroll in our stroller- I'll have to see if he can make the trek and if I can do without the basket under the stroller, for carrying my loot. Maybe we'll just be walking to the ice cream joint!

6. I sincerely enjoy (organic) gardening! Honestly, nothing tastes better than a sun-warmed tomato fresh from the garden!

7. We prefer to find new homes for unwanted/no longer needed items, rather than just trashing them. This includes donations of clothing and household items to charity, donations of food and hygiene products to a local food pantry and hosting an annual yard sale!

8. We are transitioning our lights to CFL's where we are able to.

9. We use more cloth than paper products in the kitchen! I'm keeping my eye out for cute cloth napkins to transition into using on a daily basis.

10. We have been working hard NOT to over-use products in our home, solely for the fact that they were purchased inexpensively. Consuming less also means less waste of products and packaging!

How are YOU aiming to be more "green" these days?


Becky C

Recently, I used a bunch of leftover 100% cotton quilting fabrics to make cloth napkins (actually my sister did the sewing--thanks, Ruth!). You just need about an 18" square for each napkin, or smaller for little fingers. Finish the edges by folding over and stitching (or with a serger if you have one).

Everyone in the family has a different fabric, so everyone knows which one is theirs. Since each napkin is always used by the same person, I don't need to wash them as often. My kids get to decide who sits where when it's their turn to set the table. No need to ask where to sit--just look for your napkin. :-)


I am intrigued by the link to your post about making jam.

My family *loves* jam/jelly.

Can you give me more info about this..?
For example, what kinds of fruits can you use to make jam/jelly? Can you use grapes? blueberry?
Or just strawberry/blackberry?

Where do you find the pectin stuff in the store?

As an aside, I note that the original post was from 3/10. I started following you only a few months ago....I bet there are loads of posts that newer subscribers would benefit from....Recycle those posts! It is Earth Day, after all :)