Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thought Provoking Thursday

Thought Provoking Thursday

My family is sensitive! OK, the two leading guys in my life may deny it... but sniff, sniff (and a wink) we all really are! We all have sensitive skin!

Boaz, my two year old son has the sweetest soft skin! So soft in fact, that I hate to use any kind of abrasive anything on his skin, especially his face!

When my little guy was just learning to eat big people food (mushy rice cereal will never look appealing to me... ever!) I decided to make a dozen cute little 'wash cloths' for wiping food/drool off of Bo's face and hands after he was done eating.

We call our cloths 'wet napkins,' and we have more than gotten our moneys worth out of them! Instead of wetting a napkin or a paper towel- or grabbing a diaper wipe after each meal, I just walk over to the drawer next to our sink and grab a 'wash cloth,' and soak it with hot water and even the stickiest of stickies easily is removed from Bo's hands and face with these little cloths!

I like having several colors and patterns of 'wet napkins' to choose from. I pick out a new cloth for each day, use it several times during the day, and then I toss it into the laundry! Using these cloths has saved my family from blowing through our stock of napkins, paper towels and baby wipes!

If you are interested in making your own 'wet napkins,' I purchased flannel fabric at JoAnn's and cut it into 8" squares. I sewed two blocks together with the cute side of the fabrics touching each other- but I made sure not to sew a 2-ish inch section along one of the sides, so that I could turn my cloth inside out. After I turned my cloth inside out, I sewed all of the way around the outside edge of the cloth, about 1/4 of an inch from the edge. Viola!

If you would like to add this money saving idea into your family's book of frugal tricks- but you don't sew... just pick up a package or two of kid friendly wash cloths- and designate them for KP duty with your kids!

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I'd like to order 2 sets please!! Just send me the bill!!!
Jessica Mukavetz & Baby Will

Laura Webber

If only... (I'm pricey!)


I just started doing this last week with my twins, who are almost 3. What did I wait so long for? I love how long a roll of paper towels last me. I'm also using microfiber cloths for cleaning my kitchen and bathroom. Great post!


This is such an awesome idea. Love it! I hate useing our washcloths on the kids faces, they seem so rough on their soft skin. And i am not a fan of using wipes either. I am going to make a few sets for myself. Thansk for the idea!!


Very cute!
Also, GREAT name! I just love that Bible story. What an honorable name. :)


I am a new reader to your blog, and I love it! Thank you for this great idea, I now know what to do with my too short pajama pants!

Laura Webber

Thanks Tamara! He's the only Boaz that we know!!!

Anonymous, welcome!!! Way to recycle your jammies!