Friday, February 26, 2010

"Clean Me Up Spotty:" Recyclables Edition

Yep, I'm aware that this may be the absolute worst picture that I've featured on my blog... but I have to share how I have been tackling my 'recycling beast!'

I LOVE to recycle! Our family usually produces as much recycling as we do garbage in any given week... so our recycling bins (indoors and out) over flowith!

Formerly, I used the two small trash cans as housing units for my recyclables, between Fridays (trash day!). One little can was for our paper/junk mail and the other little can was for bottles/cans/plastics. I felt like we were always needing to take out the recycling!

Then I remembered the plastic wall hooks that I was able to snag for FREE late last summer at CVS! I adhered three of those to the wall, and viola... our new system was born!

I hang a plastic bag on each of the hooks, one for cans/bottles, one for plastics and the other for returnables. The two little trash cans can hold all of our paper that needs to be recycled for the week! Yay! We only take our recycling out once a week!

*FYI, this set up is located out of the way in a 'mud room' near our back door! I'm not sure I'd be willing to have this set up in my kitchen!

How do YOU handle YOUR 'recycling beast?'



We have TONS or recycling! We collect a box or 2 of paper and then take them up to our local school bins to help them earn a little bit of cash! I keep a box right outside my garage door and on my way in w/ the mail I drop the stuff I know I don't want right in there. So it never even enters my house!


That is so true, we always seemed to be taking out the recycling. I would make dinner or even just a snack and have boxes, paper, cans whatever. I got tired of it and starting hanging two meijer bags( I had to chuckle when I saw yours as it mirrored my display)on the handles to the closet by the garage door. My husband would come in and tell me how awful it looked(being that it was in plain view) so I tried to figure something else out. I have the green bin that you put at the curb on garbage day but that fills up in like 2 days! I put a rubbermaid container along side of it which is the same size and now every week the garbage men know to leave it behind but take the recycling. I have both of these containers right outside of the garage door and so far it seems to be working. However come garbage day it is in desperate need of being emptied!


Recycling in our house has been one of my struggles for a long time. The school is crazy about recycling which of course I love, but it causes my house to be just crazy. I have a paper bag that sits at my back door for all paper that I then take to the school to be recycled then I have my 2 outdoor recycling bins that have everything else that goes to the curb and then i have a bag that hangs in my kitchen for returnables. This is not a great system by any means but it does the job.

Laura Webber

Hmm, it seems that I',m not the only lover of recycling, yet hater of the process!!!