Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Strawberry Jam

I LOVE strawberry jam! Its easy, inexpensive and tayyyyysteeeee!

I decided to make strawberry jam for my toast and butter addicted son (he's two)! Funny, now that its made (and WOW did I slave over it), he won't dare try a bite...

Ingredients: 4 cups of pureed strawberries (I used half frozen from last summer and half fresh), sugar and Pectin.

Begin by washing, hulling (remove strawberry greens and the little core), and pureeing your strawberries. Two 16oz clam shells should equal 4 cups of puree.

Make sure to read the directions on the back of your package of Pectin before you begin, as the directions from brand to brand may vary slightly! I added my Pectin to 4 cups of sugar, and I mixed it well!

Then I added my strawberries into the mix, and I stirred continuously for about 5 minutes.

I netted almost 40 ounces of jam, and trust me it is delicious! I love having small jars of jam in the fridge/freezer to enjoy now and later and to pass along to friends and family! This recipe may be a great option for a lasting way to enjoy the now in season, delicious (and finally reasonably priced) strawberries!

Have YOU ever tried eating/making strawberry jam?


Paula Wethington

Grape freezer jam is also really easy. In the meantime, look in the canning supply shelves for plastic freezer "canning" jars. I bought some of the purple lid and green lid sizes last summer, and they are nice to use.


I have never made jam before but I am intrigued to try it now.♥ How long will this stay good in the freezer?

Laura Webber

The Jam should be good for 6 months in the freezer or one month in the fridge!

I love to use this jam as a cupcake topping instead of frosting! YUMM-O!


I first tried jam two summers ago with the abundance of blackberries that grow in our yard. I made it in jars and used a hot water bath for processing. It wasn't as difficult as I thought.
Last summer I had a lot more confidence (and a lot more blackberries). I made soooo many jars of blackberry jam that almost everyone I know got a jar at Christmas.

At a local farm market today I found clearanced strawberries and thought immediately of your fruit salsa. I can't wait to make it tonight.


I made the fruit salsa/chips for Bible study group today and it was fabulous. Very pretty treat to make and all homemade! People were impressed when they found out I made the "chips" for it :) I isn't really all that unhealthy either considering how Delicious it is.


Oh...I LOVE homemade freezer jam! And just for the record, we've had some in the freezer for over a year and it is still good. The only thing you might notice is that there might be a gummy film on the top (you can just scrape it off).

Also, for whatever it's worth, we never "core" our berries, so if you feel like saving some bother you really don't need to.

You've got me ready for some fresh berries! We have to wait another 2 months for them here!


I have bought those freezer jam pectin mixes at Kroger for 75% off. You bet I stocked up!

Laura Webber

Julia, you are going to LOVE the salsa... right Dawn?

Lydia, I didn't grow these (I'm in Michigan...) we've got a couple more months before we have Michigan grown berries!

Stephanie... I'm jealous!


Yes Laura, she will LOVE the salsa ;)


Okay, you got me. I decided to give making jam a try and WOW! It was so easy! I followed your recipe and got the cheap strawberries at Family Fare. Thank you for the tip! My daughter is thrilled!

Laura Webber

Good for you Deb~ you're hooked, right?