Friday, April 23, 2010

Meijer Two Day Sale

My little guy is pretty sick and so our day will be filled with snuggling and a doctor's appointment today... BUT, if YOU are looking to score some sweet deals (like my husband allowed me to do at the crack of dawn this morning), check out the Meijer two day sale! Bargains to Bounty has all of the scoop HERE!

PS: The 100 calorie Kraft cheese packs do NOT count towards the participating items!

Are YOU planning to shop the two day sale? What are YOUR favorite sale items?



I am so sorry that he's sick!! Bur am very glad you made it to the sale! I am heading out right now! Thank you for the wonderful company last night!
Jessica M.

Paula Wethington

My fav: blueberry muffin mix. 66 cents after (doubled) coupon.

Laura Webber

Thanks Jess, me too!

Paula (MOAB), I LOVE blueberry muffins too, but my little guy is allergic to blueberries... please bake and eat one for me!!!

Shannon L. in Indiana

Thanks for the heads up! I went today and had a $2 OYNO so I only paid $1.49. My husband was shocked! That was fun!

Amy K

I went this afternoon thinking that I wouldn't do much cuz I had the kiddos with me. Well 2 trips in with 2 sets of the buy 5 get 5 off stuff later, I have lots of lunch meat in the freezer! Plus got stocked up on Welch's grape juice with sale and MQs.

Laura Webber

I thought that the two day sale was great for the more unusual kinds of items... lunch meat? That's unusual!


I purchased 2 separate orders of 2 sets of 5. I bought a little of everything. Miracle whip was a great bargain! I had 3 coupons for the cookies so I bought 6 packs at .69. Then I went home to do some baking and realized I needed some brown sugar. I took advantage of that to get some cheese!


I had a fantastic friday super sale. I bought about $67 of Super Sale items for only $3.02. Before that, I had reverse couponed $3 from the day before. I think I did get paid some extra for some of the hassles I had getting my $5 for 5 items in the checkout. Nonetheless, I snagged some great deals --I don't use Kraft mac and cheese, but bought five at 49 cents each so I could get the free roaring waters. Marilyn


Hi Laura,
I hope your little guy is feeling better. I had a blast at the super sale today. I bought 4 kraft mac and cheese to get 4 capri suns for free. I also bought a miracle whip and 5 kraft chunk cheeses. That would of had a total of 10 dollars off but when I got home it showed itemized under each a dollar off and when I added it up there were 14 of them so I actually got everything for free after the coupons I had on top of it. I don't know if that was a computer glich or if others noticed that as well. I also scored another $8 catalina for betty crocker products so all in all it was a good trip!


Hope that he's feeling better. I was able to get some good deals on Friday (yeah) even if I had a flub-up.


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