Thursday, January 28, 2010


In honor of January being a month of brand spanking new resolutions, I have decided to share THIRTY ONE of my savviest spending tips!

Day 1: Think 'Multiple Transactions.'
Day 2: Keep Your Eyes WIDE Open
Day 3: Simultaneously Clipping
Day 4: Grab a Sales Flyer
Day 5: Avoid the Busy Times of Day
Day 6: Be Prepared to Make an Exchange
Day 7: Reduced Priced Produce
Day 8: Purchasing in Bulk
Day 9: FREE Money in the Mail
Day 10: The Smaller the Package, The More Significant the Discount
Day 11: Reverse Couponning
Day 12: Pre-Plan your Shopping Trips
Day 13: Customer Service
Day 14: Watch the Expiration Dates
Day 15: Extra CVS Store coupons
Day 16: Make Some *NEW* Friends... (wink!)
Day 17: Earn from Reducing, Reusing and Recycling
Day 18: Scavenge for Online Coupons
Day 19: Keeping Tabs on Gift Cards
Day 20: Don't Miss a Deal
Day 21: Keeping Track of Rain Checks
Day 22: Must Clip to Save
Day 23: Swap Coupons
Day 24: Save on Ink
Day 25: I *Heart* Double Dipping
Day 26: Schedule Shopping Dates
Day 27: Shop Around
Day 28: Take Detailed Notes

*Please watch with gracious eyes, I have never considered myself an 'in front of a camera' kind of girl! This should be fun!



I do this too...and then I paperclip all my coupons together by store. So all the coupons for my Rite Aid shopping trip go in one clip, all the coupons for my Giant shopping trip in another etc. Saves me SO much time!

Laura Webber

We are on the same page so often!