Friday, January 1, 2010


In honor of January being a month of brand spanking new resolutions, I have decided to share THIRTY ONE of my savviest spending tips!

Please watch with gracious eyes, I have never considered myself an 'in front of a camera' kind of girl! This should be fun!

Day 1: Think 'Multiple Transactions.'

(Thanks Alissa for filming and giggling alongside of me!)


I *love* *love* *love* your 2010 ideas and can't wait to read your blog each day!

Laura Webber

Thanks! I'm pretty excited too!


I love your video! You are adorable. One question though, doesn't the cashier and/or the people in line behind you get super annoyed when you have many transactions? I know this shouldn't stop me from doing multiple transactions, but I feel bad for them. For example, this week at Wags there are the dish washing tabs on sale, plus a coupon and getting back a RR. I would have to do 3-5 transactions so that I could get a RR on each box of the tabs, but my Wags cashiers aren't very nice. I seriously wonder if they would even let me do it.


Where do you find the time for all this?? Naptime and bedtime?! So excited for all these new things coming.

Laura Webber

I prefer to shop at the quieter times of day for the stores (either in the morning or at 9pm).

If I am grocery shopping, I try to use the U-scan check out. Normally no one is paying enough attention to realize that I've made 2-3 transactions!

If I'm at the drug stores with several transactions I will either ask for another cashier to come up and help the other customers, or I can do one transaction and then head to the end of the line and then do a second transaction. Often the other shoppers are so impressed with my savings- they don't really care about waiting an extra minute or two.

And, if you are at Walgreens, just check out either at the Photo department or at the Beauty counter... they are happy to help!


Great tips Laura! I was more than happy to help.


This is probably a really silly question - haven't been couponing long. Do I have to ask a store to double my coupon and will they even double a 50 cent one to a dollar off???? Plus, how many coupons can I use in one transaction. At Meijer for example... Thanks.

Laura Webber

Hi Kate,
I just answered your question in a blog post!