Thursday, January 7, 2010


In honor of January being a month of brand spanking new resolutions, I have decided to share THIRTY ONE of my savviest spending tips!

Day 1: Think 'Multiple Transactions.'
Day 2: Keep Your Eyes WIDE Open
Day 3: Simultaneously Clipping
Day 4: Grab a Sales Flyer
Day 5: Avoid the Busy Times of Day
Day 6: Be Prepared to Make an Exchange
Day 7: Reduced Priced Produce

*Please watch with gracious eyes, I have never considered myself an 'in front of a camera' kind of girl! This should be fun!



I have been using this method recently. Last week I got 3 pounds of apples for under 1.00 and I make your crisp and froze it in lunch portions!

Laura Webber

I have been doing the same thing!!! (You are brilliant by the way :))

I have 10 pounds of apples to prep for my freezer tonight!

I purchased a very simple looking apple peeler/slicer/corer at Bed, Bath & Beyond: was $20 but spent a $5/$15- then paid with a gift card!

I love making applesauce/apple crisp on the fly... it just takes a few minutes when the apples are all prepped (peeled/sliced) and waiting in the freezer!


I do love this one - I learned that a Kroger that's not so local, puts everything that's set to expire between then and Fri on 50% off on Tuesday morning! I used to drive by it as part of my day anyway now it's routine!


I just did this for the first time today. I got about 8 bananas for 37 cents. Now what to do with them...any good banana bread recipes out there?