Friday, January 8, 2010


In honor of January being a month of brand spanking new resolutions, I have decided to share THIRTY ONE of my savviest spending tips!

Day 1: Think 'Multiple Transactions.'
Day 2: Keep Your Eyes WIDE Open
Day 3: Simultaneously Clipping
Day 4: Grab a Sales Flyer
Day 5: Avoid the Busy Times of Day
Day 6: Be Prepared to Make an Exchange
Day 7: Reduced Priced Produce
Day 8: Purchasing in Bulk

*Please watch with gracious eyes, I have never considered myself an 'in front of a camera' kind of girl! This should be fun!



My questions is this:
What do you consider to be a "deal" on ground beef? I found it for 1.69/pounds for 90/10. I thought that was pretty good.
Your faithful INdiana follower

Laura Webber

Hi Faithful Indy,
I look at the sale price disclaimer... the last time I purchased ground Angus it was $1.99/pound down from $3.99.

I consider half off (at Meijer, a competitively priced store) a deal.

Since meat prices flux so greatly (especially season to season) I base my 'deals' on what the current going rate for that type of meat is!


Hi Laura,
Ijust started couponing/stockpiling in November. It seems that I am having a difficult time figuring out how much of an item to stockpile. For example, on Monday, I purchased 8
V8 Fusion and 2 Juicy Juice at Target.

These juices were very good buys with their store and manufacture coupons stacked w/ a sale, but because these types of juice are such a novelty around my house, my 4 kids (ages 7 to 16) have devoured all but one of them. HELP -- they're eating up all my savings!

Baffled in Brighton

Laura Webber

Hi Marilyn,
My little guy (2) knows the yummy stuff when he sees it too!

Can you have a secret stash? Or set a limit? Maybe you need to threaten NOT to repurchase these treats!


I am finding the same dilemma. I bought cereal for an amazing price and I don't always have cereal due to cost. I have it set to the side where they aren't allowed to touch it. But they are asking for it.

What I have done with things from Costco (ie breakfast bars, treats, etc...) is to bag things up according to what is fair for a weeks worth of treats and put a date on it that is not to be opened until that date.

I have 10, 14, and 17 year old. It is funny because they know better than to open or even ask before the marked date.

But...the cereal is too big to bag up. I suppose I could use garbage bags for the cereal. LOL I should buy some black bags so they can't even see and be tempted.

I hope this helps!

~Livonia, MI~


Thanks Amy & Laura -- secret stash it is. To the basement it goes!


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