Sunday, January 17, 2010


In honor of January being a month of brand spanking new resolutions, I have decided to share THIRTY ONE of my savviest spending tips!

Day 1: Think 'Multiple Transactions.'
Day 2: Keep Your Eyes WIDE Open
Day 3: Simultaneously Clipping
Day 4: Grab a Sales Flyer
Day 5: Avoid the Busy Times of Day
Day 6: Be Prepared to Make an Exchange
Day 7: Reduced Priced Produce
Day 8: Purchasing in Bulk
Day 9: FREE Money in the Mail
Day 10: The Smaller the Package, The More Significant the Discount
Day 11: Reverse Couponning
Day 12: Pre-Plan your Shopping Trips
Day 13: Customer Service
Day 14: Watch the Expiration Dates
Day 15: Extra CVS Store coupons
Day 16: Make Some *NEW* Friends... (wink!)
Day 17: Earn from Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

*Please watch with gracious eyes, I have never considered myself an 'in front of a camera' kind of girl! This should be fun!


Carrie B

Pick up some CVS reusable bag tags for 99 cents each and earn $1 in Extra Bucks every 4th visit, no matter how small the purchases. :)

Jen Holt

Its funny that you have a Publix bag, I thought they were down south! Are there some around here that I don't know about?

Laura Webber

Thanks for the reminder Carrie!

I LOVE collecting reusable bags- I purchased these cute 'puppies' when on vacation in Atlanta last year! I wanted to show off some cute ones!

PS: I *heart* Publix!!!