Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Survey

So, I'm just curious. What is YOUR method of storing your coupons?

Box? Binder? Clipless filing?


The Pohl Family

Prior to your class I did the binder, but it got overwhelming. When I attended you class I had just switched to a file box, along the lines of a shoe box. During your class I learned how to file them and used your labels.

However I am still simply overwhelmed, especially when I go into a store with them. I am usually very organized but this last year has been a hard one for me and my normal ways.

So to sum it up I currently have the box style, according style carry along for each store, and need to come up with a better system in the store.

I always have a list and all the coupons I will use, however I always seem to find a "deal" and that is where I get messed up.


I use two very big sterlite lidded boxes. I tried using one for a long time but I needed more room. When I have a big couponing trip, I'll take my small box to keep the organized until I get to check out.


I use a plastic tub to hold my dated circulars in chronological order.

For me, I find clipping and filing wastes too much time...


On average, I purchase 5 papers a week. I clip two and put them in my binder (mainly because most of my store only double 2 like q's) then place the others in an accordian folder by date. If there are certain q's I know I will use a lot of, i clip all 5 immediately so they are always on hand. When I put them in my binder. I use a dry erase marker to write on the sleeve the date of the paper for easy relocation if i need to clip more for a certain deal and write the exp. date for easy clean out at the end of the month.

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Binder! It takes more time to file, but finding coupons when I'm planning out my shopping trips is a breeze. I pull out the coupons I will use with my list and bring them to the store in a little accordian file. I only bring my binder for something like Kmart doubles or Super Kroger.


I use two lidded boxes and your filing system. Once a week I pull the coupons I think I'll be using that week and put them in a small accordion file that lives in my purse. I plan every shopping trip ahead and never coupon "on the fly" (except for my once-every-two-months-or-so trip to SuperKroger), so this system works well for me.


I use two lidded boxes and your filing system. Once a week I pull the coupons I think I'll be using that week and put them in a small accordion file that lives in my purse. I plan every shopping trip ahead and never coupon "on the fly" (except for my once-every-two-months-or-so trip to SuperKroger), so this system works well for me.


I use the system you gave us in class. But it's getting full and the little category tabs get folded over because they're too tall! For now, it works. I may need to expand. I'd love to see a detailed post (with lots of pics) of how you organize now.


I use a binder with baseball card holders. In between products I have folders with a front pocket. Sometimes the coupon or rebates is to big to put in the baseball holders. I also have two pencil pouches in front for extra storage.


I used to clip and file in plastic shoebox-sized bins. However, I found it took too much time. So now I put all the like pages together of my multiple papers, put a staple through each coupon (unless it's one I won't use), and then only cut the few I KNOW I'll use. They're already stapled! I file the others by date. Every week I cut the few extra that I didn't think I'd use, because there's an extra-special deal on them.

I use the filing system I got from you at the store, but I only take my pre-clipped coupons, which is pretty few.

I know I miss deals this way, compared to having them all at the store in boxes, but it's a trade-off I'm willing to make for the time savings.

Kristin- Stampin' Fanatic!

I have a small accordian in my purse. It's now filled to the brim and wont close, so now I have another small file box for extra storage, but I hate having things in two places!!


I use a binder. I clip the coupons I know I will use and keep the rest in the "ad" in a clear sleeve to access for super deals. I also keep my store cards in this binder. This takes me more time on Sunday, but less time in planning and searching. Laura, what are the caterogeris do you use to sort your coupons?
Your Faithful INdiana follower

Becky C

I use a plastic shoe box filing system. I recently divided the categories into a Food section and a Non-Food section (I learned that from you when we shopped together at SK). I also made some sub-categories within the groups that were getting quite large (ie. Snacks includes Salty Snacks, Cookies/Crackers, Fruits/Nuts, Granola Bars/Snack Cakes; Breakfast includes GM Cereals, Kelloggs Cereals, Other Cereals, and Breakfast Other). I have found this saves time when searching for coupons while in the store, especially at SK.


I do a combo of clipless filing and coupon box. It works quite well for me!


I switched to the binder system because my boxes were getting too full and I kept missing coupons that would stick together or hide behind other coupons.


I used to clip and file in a binder. But I was so far behind I decided to try filing the inserts by date. I have them in clear sleeves in the binder. Seems to be working so far.


I have 2 accordian holders that zip shut (because I have spilled my coupons before - ugh!). 1 holder is food arranged by each isle of Meijer (the main store I shop at) and my 2nd holder is non-food which comes in handy when I make my CVS & Walgreens trips. I pull any food coupons I need for that trip and bring my non-food holder into the store. It makes my life so much easier that way!

Jen Holt

I have a small accordian in my purse with the items I know I will get for free or things I buy on a regular basis. The rest I leave unclipped and write the dates on the front and store them in a file cabinet so I can quickly find the coupons I need for special sales each week.


I use a shoe box since I graduated from your small plastic box from class. I divide the coupons by category. When going to the store I use a small accordian in my purse to clip a list and all of the coupons I will use.

Jenesa Lyn

I've recently moved from a zippered accordian carrier to a binder with baseball card pages to organize my coupons. (Credit goes to Hip2Save for the idea!) With my foray into internet coupons, my accordian carrier couldn't handle all the thicker paper. I've found a folding system that allows me to easily see the product, $$ value and expiration date of each coupon. It does take a little more time to clip and sort which does frustrate me a bit, but when it comes time to pull coupons or "coupon on the fly", it's a breeze.


I use a binder and file everything in alphabetical order according to brand name. I find it easier to locate my coupons quickly-- especially when I am in the store.
I also use a mini expandable file container to sort my coupons that contains my clothing coupons, resturant coupons, Coupons for Free stuff, and coupons I pull for a particular store. I keep these things in my purse all the time so I am never without.


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