Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm feeling Antsy...

OK, so the truth is, I feel a bit antsy when I realize that I am on the verge of another GIVE AWAY!!! I get so excited (although my husband *may* call it dramatic!!!)!

As I write I am 4 followers away from launching another celebratory CHALLENGE! But an all honesty, the more the merrier!!!

I've been plotting this one for a while... its a recipe challenge with a grocery gift card to the winner!!!

Go ahead, now is the time to join the ranks of the SYS Follower-hood... I double dog dare you!

Past milestone Give Aways:


200 Followers (296 YTD)

500+ Families have taken a Sharpen Your Scissors class this year! (836 YTD)

$5,000 Raised for Raincatchers! ($6,410 YTD)

5,000 Unique visitors in 30 days!