Saturday, July 25, 2009


Woo sinkin' hoo! 100 is such a beautiful number don't you think?

OK... now for the details of the promised gift cards...

Followers who leave a comment describing their favorite types of postings (ie: grocery pictures, recipes, 'special item' deals like toilet paper and diaper deals...) will be eligible to win a $5 gift card to Target!!!

5 winners will be randomly selected to receive $5 gift cards and these 5 winners will be pitted against each other to WIN a $10 gift card to the store of their choice!!!

So here is how it works... comment your little hearts out from NOW until Tuesday 7.28.09 at NOON sharp. (Remember, you must be a follower to qualify!)

Then... 5 random winners will be selected and mailed their gift cards with the expectation that the gift card must be spent in ONE transaction. ***(A picture of the loot purchased needs to be emailed to me no later than 8.5.09, along with how much was spent (including overage), how much was saved, how many coupons were spent and how many FREE items were included in your purchase!)

When ALL 5 winners have responded revealing their savvy shopping skills, then they will have to endure the final selection process by which all of my faithful Sharpen Your Scissors will judge who has shown themselves worthy of being named the TOP SHOPPER earning the secondary prize of a $10 gift card to the store of your choice.

Are you game? Drop me your comments!!!


My favorite posts are the posts when you list the every week good deals you found at Meijer and Kroger etc. I *so* appreciate those every day - stock up - good deals that those of us who don't have time to run around town, but end up at the grocery store can score. (I also appreciate how excited you get about good deals...'cause then I know I am not alone!)

Andrea Hatfield

Just stopping by from the blog hop. Great giveaway!

I would love for you to visit me and comment on my Blog Hop Post:


Hi Laura, I also love your "stockpilable highlights" postings. I like to match up and see what deals I was able to snag and see what I may have been missing on my list. I also love being alerted to the really big deal specials! I don't want to miss out on anything.

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Hey Laura - I love the pictures from your shopping trips. POST MORE!!!! It's so fun to see how much you bought for how little, and so inspiring to get out there and get some good deals :) Sarah


I also love the pictures of your shopping trips, with your totals! Very inspiring - and a little bit crazy at times! :-)


Hi Laura,
I am most encouraged by your donations to Community Sharing. During these tough times it is good to know there is still a way to bless others. I am in awe of you "stategic" planning as well...keep up the good work!!


Thanks for all you do! I really enjoy seeing what you get for FREE using coupons. I never get quite that many each week, but I'll usually score a few of the same! I donate lots to our church food bank, but its amazing to me how much you are able to donate!


Hi Laura,
I love the Q&As that you do...I learn something new each time you answer someone's question. I have enjoyed watching the videos that people have sent in, too. Lots that I love about your blog, Laura!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Angela @ Nine More Months

I like to see what you can get for free with coupons. Stoppong by from the blog hop!

Joy Comes in the Morning

I love it when you post a tip on how to get great deals in our area. I was so thrilled to be able to use my expired coupons on toilet paper a while back at Meijers!! I also love when you post a list of the best deals at Meijers and Kroger at the beginning of the week. It amazing how many of these I overlook. You are the Coupon Diva!!


I also love your shopping updates with pictures. There have been countless times where I have seen what you've gotten for free and have run out to get it myself. It's very helpful!
Thanks Laura!!
Gina E.


I love when you show pictures of your shopping trips and tell us how you got what you got and how much you paid for it!

Thanks for your sharing your hard work!

Laura Webber

OK, OK... I will get back to posting the "best of's" for Meijer and Kroger... sorry that I have been slacking!!!

Becky C

I love the pictures of your purchases too, especially Super Kroger. Twice now I have planned my own trip to Super Kroger with a list made from one of your pictures, so I was sure not to miss any great deal that you got. Thanks for all you do. I love your blog.


I love your stockpiling pics! Although I have very few of the stores listed, I do double at kmart and use coupons at walmart/target and have created a decent bathroom stockpile.


Hi Laura,
I spent four hours coupon shopping this evening (Target, Meijers & Walmart). I saved some money for sure, but is this amount of time shopping common for you? I don't think I saved enough $$ to make it worth my time, so I'm really looking forward to your 8-29 coupon class. I need to learn how to do this more efficiently! Thanks.


First of all, congrats on 100 followers! :-)

Seems like a common theme: we ALL love the pictures of your fantastic shopping trips. I love to see how many coupons you used and how many items you scored for free! (Plus it gives me an idea of the types of products to keep an eye on for deals.)

I'd love to win this giveaway and put my new-found couponing skills to the test! This is like a game for me: see how much I can bring home for the least amount of money :-)

Thanks for keeping us posted!!


I like it when you let us know about "out of the box" type deals (special rebates, double coupon days, etc.) that we might not be aware of otherwise.

I would also love to see a post where you show us how you turn stockpiled food into family meals all week long! I look at your grocery pics, and it's so cool, but I wonder what it is you're actually making with all of it!


I love the videos from other members, those keep me motivated, but I really like the details, so I can keep my eyes out for the same deals to see if I can match them!

Mom C

I love the Target $20 gift card challenge from Grandma. It always makes me smile!


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