Thursday, September 24, 2009


After attending (READ: teaching) 46 classes since January, I finally decided to place my own crisp $10 bill towards raising funds for the amazing work being done through Raincatchers in Haiti. The $5,000 fundraising goal has now been met!!!

$5,000 in the US is a chunk of change, but in a third world country it has the power to be spent like a massive cash winning from the lottery!

As I've mentioned before, it ONLY takes $200 to build a Raincatcher! $200 has the power to change lives FOREVER! The average life expectancy of a Haitian is 37. Life is hard, food is scarce and water sources other than what is provided by a Raincatcher are unclean and hardly consumable.

Raising $5,000 has allowed funding 25 Raincatchers possible! Together we have been able to impact the lives of between 12 & 30 people PER Raincatcher that has been attached to the roofs of Haitian homes by the teams of adults and students who have been drawn to visit and care for some of the poorest of the poor in Haiti. (Houses in Haiti are often built in 2-3 home 'neighborhoods,' so one Raincatcher can serve up to three families)

On the scale of lives impacted through the Raincatchers that we have provided funding for, at LEAST 300 people, and as great a number as 750 people have clean, accessible water. As a Mom, I cannot imagine being choice less and having no other means than to offer my son filthy water to sustain his life. Can you imagine the JOY a parent must feel to have the means to hydrate their children with clear sanitary water? This thought often brings me to tears!

Thank YOU for making it possible for lives around the globe to be forever marked by the love of someone that they will most likely never meet. Without further adieu, let ME thank YOU for journeying beside me in fundraising...

I am thrilled to offer my 'mad' shopping skills, my massive assortment of coupons for spending, my grocery cart driving capabilities (I can even parallel park!!!) and $100 cold hard cashola from my wallet as a thank you YAY! YAY! GIVE AWAY!!!

I have decided to offer THREE separate ways to enter this give away:

1. Sign up (or flaunt your current status) as a "FOLLOWER" at Sharpen Your Scissors. Then, write a little comment to me informing me that you are a SYS 'follower!' (Becoming a 'follower' is the greatest compliment that you can give a blogger!)

2. You can earn another entry into the YAY! YAY! GIVE AWAY! by introducing your friends/family to Sharpen Your Scissors. For each person that you introduce to SYS that also become a 'follower' of Sharpen Your Scissors you will gain an additional entry into winning the $100 shopping spree with yours truly!!! Again, drop me a comment for each new 'follower' that you have recruited!

3. If you would like to make either a first time (if you have yet to attend a Sharpen Your Scissors class) or an additional monetary gift to Raincatchers, you may write me a little note in the comment section of this post sharing with me that you have decided to give a little bit more to Raincatchers!

The truth is, I have been SO EXCITED to host this YAY! YAY! GIVE AWAY! that I hardly slept last night and I began posting at 5:30 this morning!!! In my sleepless state I have been dreaming about making this a


If I can double the number of 'followers' on Sharpen Your Scissors by Noon on Monday, then I will draw TWO winners and offer TWO $100 shopping sprees! I currently have 155 'followers,' and I am looking to increase that number to 310+! The more people that I have viewing, taking advantage of the information on this blog and attending classes- the more awareness and funds can be raised for Raincatchers!!!

The winner(s) will be chosen Monday, September 28th at Noon... randomly as usual!

*If you happen to live outside of my teaching radius (the locations of where I have taught my classes) I will send you a $100 gift card by mail, to your store of choice!!!


The team

Yay!!!! Congratulations on reaching your goal!!!!!

Susan Sanford

Wahoo - congrats!


Congrtulations! What a difference you are making! (Officially flaunting my "follower" status for entry)

--Merri B


Awesome job! I'm a follower and would like to enter!


Congrats that is AWESOME! I've been a follower of your blog and I love it!


$5,000 is amazing! I'm a follower!


I am a proud follower! Congrats on your goal!


Congratulations! What an accomplishment. I am a very loyal follower.


Woo hoo! I'm a follower now too! :)


So happy for you and for all those you have helped! I've been a follower since I took your class in May. Congratulations!!!

Kristin from Couponing to Disney

I'm a follower but my main motivation for posting was to tell you how touching this is. I am in tears at how wonderful you are for doing this. Thank you and God bless you and your family and everything your life touches.

Becky C

I've been a faithful follower (checking the site everal times a day):-) since I hosted a class in the spring. Congrats on reaching $5000!!

Laura Webber

From an email:

Hi Laura, I am on your blog several times a day, and I have ben saving!! I am trying to educate others, too. I hope I am a winner!!!!!

Mary Pat


Okay, I am officially no longer a slacker and I am now a follower! I of course have subscribed to your blog for months, but I can't let this opportunity go by! Congrats on reaching your goal! :)


Congrats on reaching your goal and best wishes for continued success. I'm a follower :-)

The Pohl Family


That is awesome. I became a Follower a few months or so ago, don't remember exactly. Of course you know I learned of you through the "Parent Journal" and our church. I became addicted right away, and the things I have learned thus far have saved me, I still have more to learn and when I attend the Milford class I know I will be bombarded with more knowledge.

Checking your site several times a day, I know you don't get to up date that much, but I still am going through all the posts. You have become and inspiration to me!

My Friend Amanda whom I watch her daughter just became a Follower, YA. She will also be signing up for the Milford class.

Nikki V.

Congrats Laura! You know that I am a faithful follower and I'm so excited for this awesome milestone (and for the opportunity to shop with you!)


Very cool! I'm a loyal follower!!


Congrats!!! Love the give away!

Judson Family

I'm a brand spanking new follower. :)


I'm a follower! Thanks for sharing everything with us Laura!


I am a follower with a “visit your blog several times a day waiting patiently for a new post” status. I would also like to make an additional donation to raincatchers.

Staying Lean

I've popped on your site a couple times due to being a Macomb Money Savers follower and now I'm following you. Great story and great giveaway.


We here are very loyal "followers" not only have you changed so many lives over seas you have impacted so many right here in your back yard! What a wonderful accomplishment.
Thank you for sharing your gift,
mom23sassies (and Will)
Can I somehow link your site from my facebook site??


I have been following Macomb Money Savers, and I found out about you on that blog. I am now following you too. You have some great information on this site.

frugalbooker1 at verizon dot com


I just started following your blog and really love it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


Congrats on $5,000, Laura! I'm glad you posted the YouTube link - I'm actually a "real" follower this time! (I've been subscribed to the blog in Reader for a while, but not a "follower.") :-)


Laura -

I'm doin' the Snoopy Dance over here in Dexter for you - I'm SO happy about this! What a fantastic milestone and what a great legacy you're leaving! :)

You've been in my RSS reader for a while, but now on to increasing my status as "follower" - I have no doubt you'll reach your goal of 310! :)

Hope to see you Saturday! :)


Just became a follower. I live in the Grand Rapids area so I think some of your deals will work.
Maybe I'll win!


I have been following your blog since I attended one of your classes a few months ago. Congrats on reaching your goal!


Well Laura....I know you KNOW that I am one of your biggest fans! I thank the Lord for how you have changed lives...including mine! I have given out your website to so many and am so happy to help change lives by turning them on to your "expertise" You are a special lady and God has placed you in exactly the spot He needs you to be used to HIS GLORY! I am so behind your husband's ministry and have prayed for good turnouts and generous hearts to help.
I love the days I run into you shopping with our coupons! YOU INSPIRE ME!!
Elaine Carter:-)


Thank you for offering all of your wisdom and allowing us to contribute in the process. I love being a follower of your blog!!


Laura...of course I am a follower of your blog. I love it! I am blessed to know someone with such a big heart. To see all of the things that you have been able to donate here in MI as well as all the money you have helped raise for Raincatchers is amazing. You are a Super Star!!

Charity Lemke

Congrats on making your goal! I'm having fun learning about this new sport- extreme couponing! (P.S. I'm a follower).


I'm a follower. It was so nice to meet you last night. Marci


I'm a follower too! Also, was at your class last night. Thanks for all the info!


I'm a follower as well! Congrats on meeting your goal--that's a huge accomplishment!!!


Congratulations! That's wonderful news! I too am flaunting my new follower status!


I'm a follower. You are an example for everyone on how we can do our part whether it is small or big!


I would like to donate to Raincatchers.


I'm now an official follower! I've been checking out your site for a few months now and love it. Thanks for all that you do!


I referred a new follower who signed up last night (Heidi Gilchrist) and she will be commenting for entry soon.

Thanks! Merri B


I just found you today and this will be a HUGE help to me. I am a follower and I'll put you in my Google reader so I don't miss a thing! Thanks!


I'm a follower and am looking to set up a class!
krkury at gmail dot com


I'm a follower ... and learning lots every day.

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Wow! Congrats Laura. Happy to have been a small part of it, and of course a devout follower!!!


Recruited S. Lapienski today to be a follower of your blog.


Congratulations- you should be very proud! I am a follower, I'll be sending out an email friends to try and recruit some people too! I am so excited for this giveaway! :)


Recruited G. Wickmiller today to be a follower of your blog.

Becky C

Recruited MLK and Rivers4 to be your followers today. :-)

The team

Recruited CMScrapcan yesterday!!!!

Michelle W

Thank You for all your help!!
Im following you now :)


i am following you now too! thanks for all the advice and tips!


I'm a new follower! Great blog!

The team

I recruited Bdozer1977 today!!!


I didn't see anything discriminating me from entering the giveaway. I figured...shoot, why not try and get some of my wife's money? lol


I have been following you my whole life, why stop now! Remember that time you went to summer camp and I missed you so much I slept with your shoe. Just remember that when you are drawing the grand prize winner...

Truly, I love you and am very proud of all that you have accomplished! Love you, sis!

Christa C

Congrats on meeting your goal- I'm a new follower :)


Good Job on reaching your goal! I am a follower


Congrats on reaching your goal! I am a follower and love what you're doing!


I'm follower. Congratulations!


I'm a follower and just re-started my couponing efforts. Consider me entered into the giveaway, please. :-) My darling hubby just lost his job on Wednesday morning. It was very unexpected, we are both totally blindsided. However, I scored some GREAT coupons in this morning's papers!


Yes, WOO HOO I am now a follower and loving it. Thanks for all you do!


I referred Shelley K to your blog.


Yay! I'm a follower!!


I'm a follower and can't wait to start saving money.

I am a follower...actually GROUPIE is a better name :) I *love* all your advice (and patience with those of us with less knowledge than you!). You really are a blessing Laura! Sandy

Julie Davis

You have saved either Kevin or I from getting another job! Thanks for sharing your advice, tips, and deals!


Congrats! I am a new follower - looking forward to attending a class soon!

Heidi Gilchrist


I am an official follower now, although I've actually followed your blog for awhile now and love it! I would love to win this!!!


Mom C
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Mom C

Hi Laura, ~~ First off, let me thank you for coming to HPBC a couple of weeks ago. What a wonderful night it was! I am so geeked about all the things I'm learning about saving money. But it's even more than that. It is so cool to spend less and then be able to bless others by GIVING MORE. It's an incredible feeling. ~~ I was wondering, do you have business cards? Just the other day at Meijers I wrote down your blog and gave it to the cashier because she was so amazed at how much I had reduced my bill. The same thing happened the last time I shopped in Howell when a little old lady approached me about my "coupons." I also shared your blog with two women at the Dave Ramsey course I'm attending. The number of times I've spoken about you is greater that the number of times I've spoken about my kids! LOL ~~ Seriously, you've changed a lot of lives, including mine, and it's really exciting to see that happen. And to know that we've had a part in your commitment to Raincatchers, well, that makes it all the more sweet. ~~ Thanks for all you do! You are one special lady.

Barb Chegash


Hi Laura,

I referred Christina House who joined as a follower yestereday. Great seeing you a Kroger yesterday.

Merri B


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