Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am THRILLED to announce yet another milestone!
Sharpen Your Scissors
coupon classes have transformed
the grocery/household spending habits of
over 500 families in the SE Michigan area!

Please celebrate this happy occasion with me
as I give away ***cash prizes!***

But, I need your help to decide...

I have $50 up for dibs in this celebration!
Should I offer a 'fast fifty' to ONE lucky winner?
Should I offer a 'tempting ten' to FIVE lucky winners?
Or should I offer a 'feisty five' to TEN lucky winners?

To enter this Yay! Yay! Giveaway!
and to claim dibs on your winning gift card-
sign up to become a FOLLOWER
here on the right hand column of
Sharpen Your Scissors
and then leave me a comment
to let me know how
think the winnings should be divvied!

Oh, and when you leave me your comment,
let me know if you think I should
stick with Target gift card(s)
or if I should switch it up
and offer CVS gift card(s) instead!

The winner(s) will be announced Wednesday September 2, 2009 at Noon.
Good luck!



I am following. I think tempting 10 would be good and either Target or CVS are good options.


I'm a follower too! MY vote is for Target or CVS with a "tempting 10"


I say Target GCs and offer a 'terrific twenty-five' to two! I'd take any offer though :P


I say a tempting $10 for Target!!!! LOVE that store!


I vote for the "tempting 10" and for Target!! I really do love and hate that store :)


I say 10 for Target cards!!

The Pohl Family

I am a follower, and can not wait to attend a class as I say often.

As for dividing it up, as much as 1/$50 card sounds so good, I think in all fairness it should be divided up. It is hard to say as to which way though because $25 goes farther then $10, and $10 goes farther then $5, but as many have proved $5 can go far.

Now as for what store, I personally would shop at Target before CVS. Haven't gotten to involved in CVS, yet. I am still learning.


I've been following for a little while now. I think the "tempting 10" would be a great idea. I think I would rather see Target GC's over CVS, personally.


I am a follower and proud of it!! I think the tempting 10 and I prefer CVS over Target but both would be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity.


Congratulations on your milestone! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Any amount would be great, but I think that 'tempting 10' is the right way to for the store...I am better at CVS than Target, so I'd say CVS.


Hey! I would say the tempting 10 and I would pick Target a card, but either would be fine! Thanks for your blog!


Congratulations on your milestone! I like the "tempting ten" option and prefer Target over CVS, only because I am just learning to spend coupons and I feel there are more opportunities to spend them at Target...and I love Target!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Laura.


I say Yay Yay to another Target gift card- to ten lucky followers!

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Wow...what an amazing milestone Laura! I'm jumping on the tempting ten bandwagon, but to CVS to switch it up!


I'm a follower!
I think you should give $10 cards to Target. Just because I love Target! Congratulations on your milestone and I am looking forward to taking the class
krkury at gmail dot com


Hi. Love your blog.
I vote for $10 cards for Target.


I subscribe and I like the idea of the $10 for Target or CVS. Can't wait to see what the winners get with their money.


I say $10 cards for Target!!!

Tina C

I am a follower and I think two winners of $25 Target gift cards would be the ideal. Sounds like you are getting lot of good suggestions though, good luck making your decision!


This is my first post, I just became a follower, hope I'm doing it right. I vote $10 for Target. --Merri


Tempting 10 for Target!


I like "Tempting Ten for Target" because of the alliteration. :)


Definitely "Tempting $10" for Target. :-)


I'm a follower now! Yeah!
I'd say give it in $10 gift cards to the winners choice store.

The team

I like tempting ten for Target as well!! Thanks for the great blog!


I think tempting ten would be the best! And I love Target even more than CVS. =)


Another vote for Tempting Ten at Target!


Yay! tempting 10 for target here!!
mom23sassies! (time to change my name!)


I'm a follower. CVS or Target is a great idea.Thanks and congrats.


Your site has been very helpful for me in my money saving efforts. I would vote for the tempting $10 Target gift cards.

Laura Webber

This is for Gretchen... I totally can relate!!!

"OK, so I'm totally not technologically savvy and cannot figure out how to leave a comment on your blog :)... so....I'm entering the giveaway via email.

I definitely think you should go for one BIG winner. And I heart CVS and never thought I would so I'm hoping you switch from Target to CVS for the gift card.

Hope you're doing well! I am so thankful for you!



I would love to see a Tempting 10! but would be thrilled to get 5 too! heck 1 for that matter!

Thanks for sharing your success with us!

Mom C

I think the "Tempting 10" would be wonderful and I think either Target or CVS would be great.


I'm a follower and proud of it! Any giftcard would be a bonus - I love both Target and CVS.


I follow your blog. I have no CVS here, so I'm voting for Target. I say make it really special and pick one winner.


I'm a follower and I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your impressive milestone!!

I think the CVS gift card for a TEMPTING TEN sounds terrific!!



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