Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Milestone? Yay! Yay!!!

Yep! (Are you seeing a pattern here? I LOVE celebrating!!!)

200 FOLLOWERS!!! Woo Hoo!

I've got to let you know that I absolutely LOVE having faces to connect with. Just knowing that I have so many fantastic readers (and comments) continues to inspire me to write (and, ahem... shop!!!) Thanks so much for all of your encouragement!

So how about ANOTHER Yay! Yay! Give Away?

How about a set table, someone waiting on you hand and foot (well...), drinks and dinner on me? Then no dishes? Does Red Robin sound yummy to you?

Enter to WIN a $25 gift card to RED ROBIN!!!

The WINNER will be selected at random Monday, October 5th 2009 at 7pm! The selected winner will then have 24 hours to contact me via email or another winner will be selected!

There are THREE ways to enter:

1. Sign up to become a FOLLOWER of Sharpen Your Scissors (it may very well be the most brilliant thing that you've done today!!!), then let me know which Red Robin burger is your favorite!!!

2. If you are already a Sharpen Your Scissors FOLLOWER (bless your sweet little heart!) than flaunt your follower status, and share with me what burger you'd plan on ordering at Red Robin.

3. For each friend/family member/co-worker/neighbor that you recruit to become a FOLLOWER of Sharpen Your Scissors you will receive another entry to win the $25 Red Robin gift card...Yum! (No need to mention your fav burger again since you'll have already "been there, done that!!!")

Hungry yet? If my husband Dave wins (he's claiming that he'll enter), I'm ordering the teriyaki chicken burger, because yes... I expect that he'll take me with him!!!



Red Robin... Yum! I was just there last week and I ordered their California Chicken burger. It was good! And their bottomless steak fries are awesome too! Oh shoot, what are the odds that you'll pick #1:-)


Well, maybe number #2 is better :) I like the guacamole burger (at least that's what I call it)!!!

The Pohl Family

Well imagine that Red Robin just so happens to be one of my families favorite places, and if it wasn't for that we may not have even come across meeting you, why is that?

On my son's 13 birthday, a year ago, after my cousin had been asking us for a long time to attend the 2/42, we were in Red Robin, where Dustin had chosen to go, and someone from the 2/42 anonymously paid for our meal. My husband finally decided it was time to give it a shot. We have been attending for over a year, our daughter was dedicated last October, Dustin is involved with Stuco, and Mike and I have been working around the Lakewood location. Oh and that is how I came about Laura and "The Sharp Scissors Lady" imagine that.

Well my favorite item (not burger) is the Chicken Bourbon wrap. Yummo!

Good Luck to everyone


Flaunting my follower status! ; ) I usually order the BLTA but my husband loves the burger that comes with an egg in it!

Rebecca H

I'm a dedicated follower!
I always order the BLTA but maybe if I win I'll try something new!

Laura Webber

I would order the Veggie Burger!!!!!

On behalf of Mary Pat

Tracey B

Hi Laura

Love your Blog!

Guacamole Bacon Burger with no tomatoes for me :)


Flaunting my status and loving it! I would order the Whiskey River BBQ chicken burger. There is something about adding onion rings to a burger (beef or otherwise) that makes me smile. AND since you are treating, I would splurge with a Bailey's shake. LOVE those and rarely ever have one.

Nikki Van Dis

Hi Laura, I'm still a faithful follower, and I have the same taste as you, teriyaki chicken is the best! Anytime I try something other than the teriyaki chicken burger, I wish that I had stuck with my fav.

Congrats on 200 followers!


Red Robin yum yum! I love the whiskey river burger. I hope I win! Giveaways are so much fun!!!


congrats to you!

I haven't been to Red Robin in AGES, but the Bruschetta Chicken burger sounds delish!!


I'm a follower, who has never eaten at a Red Robin! But some of these burgers sound mighty tasty!


Flaunting my follower status (gladly) and as for my favorite burger at RR? I've only been a couple times so I don't even remember what I ate there, but I usually like any kind of burger with bacon. Mmm!! Thanks for the entry!


I'm a new follower - but I've been RSS subscribing to your blog for quite some time. I love the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger. Yummmmmmy.


Oh, my gosh, I was totally craving Red Robin today! I'd order the California Chicken burger...only I'd order it with beef. :)

Laura Webber

ok, so I'm #201. Officially, that is. I've been following since you class in January.

you might have wondered why I wasn't a follower before... I was having issues w/ Google.

anyway, I'm official now.

Courtesy of Amy K.


I would get the garbage burger...or at least that's what Nate said he will get!


I'm a classic burger lover - cheese, lettuce and tomato! My husband on the other hand loves the jalapeno burger!

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

I have NO idea what kind of burger I would get, but I bet it would be EXTRA yummy since it would be FREE :) Congras Laura!

The team

Woo hoo for 200 followers! That's awesome!!! Yeah for another giveaway! Red Robin is my favorite! The Bonzai Burger rocks!!

Susan Sanford

I'm going with the A-1 Peppercorn Burger.


I LOVE the mushroon swiss burger...oh the garlic is calling to me!! YEA 200!! What a awesome accomplishment!!
(trying out a new name!)


I also love the teryaki chicken burger, but its SO messy!! Congrats-- hope I wint this one. We love RR!

I am a SYS groupie...and PROUD of it :) Can you believe I have never been to Red Robin? Sounds yummy - I would love to give it a try.


I am a follower and looking forward to attending a class soon.
I've never been to Red Robin, but I went to the website and I think I would order the Country Fair Sautéed Sweet Onion Burger. I 'm a sucker for sweet carmelized onions.
krkury at gmail dot com

Benjamin & Lillian

I just signed up - Red Robin sounds great to me

Julie E

I am definitly a sys follower! I love the Red Robin Cheeseburger. (With Cheddar Cheese!!) :)


Of course I follow you! Goodness - 200 followers! You're practically famous! Oh, and I love Red Robin. I'd probably order the guacamole bacon burger. :-)

Katie S

I love Red Robin!! My favorite is the BBQ Chicken Wrap with a side of ranch -- yum!


I'm totally going to win and buy a Royal Red Robin Burger.

Seriously, who can argue with breakfast + dinner on a bun?

Also, i'll think about bringing Laura with me.



I'm a follower. I would probably order a cheese burger. My favorite drink is the strawberry leomonade. Thanks for the give a way! I haven't been there in so long. The place is calling my name!


My wife signed me up, she is a follower and has learned a lot on here.

My favorite Burger usually is whatever is the biggest and "NO MUSHROOMS OR MUSTARD".


Yum~ Gotta love Red Robin and being a follower!!!
I would get the Royal Burger(the one with the egg)


I am proud to be a Sharpen Your Scissors follower since attending a class earlier this year. I love Red Robin and I love the Blue Ribbon burger!


Hi Laura,
I'm a dedicated follower (can't wait for your class on Friday!) and would love to try their Chicken Caprese Burger, if it's still on the's a limited-time-only burger. Otherwise, I love their veggie burger! I also love their lemonade and FRIES! Yum...

Laura Webber

Via email:

if i win the red robin gift certificate i will have a blue ribbon burger during a mommy son date.
emily kamp :)


I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did!!! My favorite burger is the A1 Peppercorn- nothing like it anywhere else. Yum!


I love the guacamole burger. YUM!

Julie Davis

We have a date planned there Saturday and the burger with the fried egg on it! If you're gonna do it right!!!


Just found you through BzzAgent BuzzScapes and I am now following you! I have not been to Red Robin yet, as we just moved and now we live by one, but I hear their guacamole and unlimited french fries are awesome!