Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spending/Saving Saturday February 28-March 6

SUPER Kroger:
Grocery Total: $48.99
Spent: $6.51
Saved: $42.48
Store Rewards Spent: $0

Items purchased with coupons:
KEY: MFC= Manufacturer's coupon, MBC= Meijer Mealbox coupon, IP= Internet printable coupon.

Costco: (again? I know!!!!)
Grocery Total: $16.17

Item total: $11.18
Spent: $2.18
Saved: $9.00
Store Rewards Spent: $5

Meijer produce run: tomatoes and bananas, $2.20

And my additional shopping earlier this week, where I had spent $33.99 & saved $10.70.

Weekly Total:
Spent: $61.05
Saved: $62.18




What do you do with such a huge amount of whipping cream? I've never bought the Costco size, as I only use it for whipping cream (as on pumpkin pie) or, occasionally, in mashed potatoes.



I bought the large whipping cream for homemade soups. Have a really good receipe for Homemade Cream of Mushroom soup.


WooHoo on my super kroger trip went from $216 to $61 and then went to the VG's and went from $89 to $26. Yeah!!


Laura, Do you find that Costco has the best price on butter?

Laura Webber

Hi Katy,
I make a quadruple batch of home made Alfredo sauce... it freezes amazingly well!

Laura Webber

I needed butter for the Alfredo sauce, and it was about $6.50 for 4 pounds... and I don't feel like I can get a pound of grocery store brand butter for less than $2. I plan to just freeze the rest.


Hi Laura,
I always buy my butter at costco but I don't freeze it. I seem to use it in a month or so with baking and making roux and what not. I didn't think in that time I would have to freeze it. Should I be freezing it?


Hi Laura,
I forgot to ask 2 other things. I too have the rubbermaid coupons and I notice you have purchased them lately. Are they on sale, if so I hadn't noticed. Also, in one of your blogs where you had made chocolate chip cookies you had mentioned the hershey chips being nut free. I haven't been able to find the nut free pkg. Does it specifially say that or just doesn't list may have traces of. Hope that makes sense. My son isn't allergic but the doctor is having me stop peanuts for a while to see if his allergies clear up.

Laura Webber

Hi Danielle,
OK, here's the scoop...

1. It will take me a long time to use that much butter, so I'll freeze it. If you can use it in about a month, don't worry about freezing!

2. The Rubbermaid containers were $.39 after doubling the coupon at SUPER Kroger! The sale is over, sorry. I don't normally share Super Kroger deals since I don't get out there often.

3. The Hershey's chocolate chips do not say "may have traces- or are processed in a factory that also processes nuts..." that kind of lingo. Hershey's is known for dedicating certain factories for making very specific products, and also for being great at nut awareness in their products! I'm totally impressed by them, and as is our Allergist!

Great Q's!