Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Survey

I was recently taking a survey online about... what else, coupons! I was shocked at their breakdown as to what was sending a LOT of coupons, ahem, more than SIX! Shopping with only 6 coupons is like only spending chump change (OK, not really)!

How many coupons do YOU typically spend in any given week?

I spend about 40-50/week.



I would say about the same.
I go to walgreens atleast once, sometimes twice. My list set out for this mornings trip I have like 13.
Then I go to Sentry, Walmart and Target. So yep def 50 or so in a week.


If I only had six coupons for a store, I would probably skip it for the week, cause the savings would not be good enough for my time! I would say 25-35 in an average week.


I use probably about 40-50 a week as well.
Wow, 6...who would use just 6. If you are going to coupon then "take it to the rim," as my dad would say and do it right! Six coupons is probably what I used to use, back in my "head in the sand" days. If each of those 6 coupons was a $.50 value, then you would be saving about $152.00 a year. Silly rabbit, I can save that much in two weeks!
Christy in Lansing

Candice E.

I use 40-50 a week (if I need to shop that week)! I agree...why bother with 6 coupons??

Laura Webber

I LOVE these responses! You guys are hilarious (and brilliant!)!


Quick, unrelated, question. Has anyone figured out a good use for the "Meijer Naturals" cats that printed with the tomato sauces.....I was thinking maybe something we don't get coupons for much....I only konw of tomatoes and pb.


There are some weeks where I might use just 6 and others where 40-50 is more my speed - I've really been trying to cut back on 'things we don't need even if I can get them cheap. In the last month or so I've been keeping our grocery spending to about $35-40 a week - mainly on fresh fruit, meat and milk - and these are also stockpiled based on that weeks sales! I do tend to follow the 1-3 things to stockpile a week but at that point it may only be 9 coupons - 3 things - 3 coupons each!


ldholmes, how many people are in your family???? I am trying so hard to keep my grocery bill under $150 per week. I do have a family of 7 though with 6 month old triplets that use a lot of diapers and a whole lot of formula. I ended up passing on cloth diapers due to the fact that the daycare center that we are looking at attending will not allow cloth diapers for sanitary reasons. In fact, many daycares will not allow cloth diapers.


Anon -

There are 3 humans and a cat - I have a 2 1/2 year old that is still using diapers but eats more than I do! I have to say that I haven't bought diapers since b4 Thanksgiving because i was able to 'stock-up) I know that formula is really $$$ but if you can I found that the generic at Sam's club was just as good as the Enfamil Lipil - check out the warehouse clubs for that - at the time a can that was 2 times the big Enfamil can was $19! Totally worth the $40 membership fee!


Anonymous, I would say that your $150 for a family of 7 is doing pretty good! (That's my humble opinion.) And with 6 mo. old triplets I doubt you have too much extra time to do die-hard couponing. :)

One thing that you might find helpful is Arquest diaper surveys. Basically you get free diapers to try and test and also get paid $10. I have not found it that difficult and it sure helps out the grocery bill! But maybe if you have 3 little ones, it would feel like a chore to keep track of one more thing. Just thought it might help.


That sounds about right ...40-50/week on average. My receipts usually are very long (even with fewer items :) )


Today when I went to meijer and ninos I would have to say that I had about 30 coupons and will run at least one more time this week using I would say 20 maybe more. I know I use alot because I tend to get alot of eye rolling. Today was no exception lol. I say the joke is on them because with the meijer deal offering buy one get one free on olay products and I had buy one get one free coupons and have the $15 rebate well I think I did great.


Thank you for the advice. IT is so BUSY here!

Staying Lean

I usually shop at 2 to 3 stores and get 10 - 20 items each not counting the pharmacies. I don't buy anything without a coupon other than free items at CVS or perhaps pop so I'd say between 60 and 90 depending on if it is heavey shopping week or not.


I probably use 30-40 each week. I visited CVS on Sunday but I haven't been there in several weeks; I had about 20 coupons that day. So, yeah, probably somewhere between 30-50, depending on where I go that week and IF I'm stocking up on anything.