Friday, March 5, 2010

"Clean Me Up Spotty:" Silverware Drawer Edition

I LOVE the convenience of our silverware drawer in the dead center of our kitchen, I can get whatever 'instrument' that I need with a tug of the drawer pull! But... this drawer takes a beating by catching junk that doesn't belong in there- just because it is so accessible!

Today was the day! I removed every little cotton picking item from the drawer... and I was shocked by some of the things I found... look to the far left, see the bubble wand? Weird!

After a thorough disinfecting wipe down, I returned all of the items that actually belong in the drawer...

and then I either trashed or relocated (to their proper location) the rest!

WOW! It feels so good to have a clean and organized silverware drawer!

What are YOU in the mood to organize?



In the mood to organize....not a thing!!LOL! But I have about a million little places that need to be! You have now inspired me to do one drawer a day until the kitchen is done! I did my first one today while on a phone call with another mom!!
Jessica M.

Laura Webber

Yay! Ok, maybe "mood" or "hankering" may not be the best descriptive words to use!!!


Ahh..I love cleaning and organizing! :)

Shannon L. in Indiana

Everything! My poor husband can never find anything in the house because I'm always rearranging something.


I have a small counter next to the fridge and under our phone that is a bit of a junk catcher. I cleaned it off and rearranged the few things I want there and determined that it is a great place to keep my coupon box! So, it now has a new home and the area looks clean and organized. Love it so much that I'm not going back to how it was before...not horrible, but not good for us, either. It does feel good!



Ah, my whole house? Well, not really. That would take too much work right now. I know some drawers that need tackling (ie drawer near the phone, the catch-all one near the coffeepot, my boys' dresser drawers (can anyone say crumpled & stuffed?) My craft room is in dire shape of organization - partly because it shares its space with stockpiling stuff.