Friday, January 8, 2010

Spending/Saving Saturday

Each Saturday I will financially recap my weekly shopping trips that have influenced the grocery and household spending for my family.

January 3-9
1/4- Local Mini-Grocery
Spent: $6.57
Saved: $0 (no system for tracking)

1/5- Meijer
Spent: $18.14
Saved: $55.14

1/6- Meijer
Spent: $2.27
Saved: $7.30

1/9 Gordon Food Service
Spent: $9.98

1/9 Kroger
Spent: $4
Saved: $3.30

Weekly Total
Spent: $40.96
Saved: $65.74

*Previously, I had kept tabs on our spending using mental math and guesstimating (yikes) and then I'd sit down at the end of the month and tally all of my receipts. This year my weekly approach will hopefully keep me up to date, encouraged to keep spending more coupons than cash, and maybe I'll even stumble upon more *new* and *creative* ways to save!