Monday, January 18, 2010

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: I just have one question, can you tell us just how you got all these things? What coupons did you use? How did you put everything together? I would love to know just how you did this? Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to do this also. Thanks for your help.

Me: I would love to go into great depth for how I purchased every grocery deal- but I have a toddler at home, and my time is very limited (I usually just post when he is either napping or sleeping at night)!

My Grocery Game Plans that I release on Monday's are exactly what I think are great buys for that week! I shop from my Game plans and I look to Macomb Money Savers (the link is always on my Game Plan posts) and to Coupon Crazy Chrys for drug store deals (her link is on my Drug Store Deals posts). Both of the bloggers that I just mentioned do an AMAZING job of bringing us the printable coupons for the on sale products!


The Pohl Family

I too follow macombmoneysavers, and although somethings are different in price (regional areas), I always SAVE BIG.

I am just starting to look at the other blog a bit more.

I trust all the blogs that I have learned of from here!

Laura Webber

Thanks Kim!