Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spending/Saving Saturday January 10-16

Grocery shopping at Meijer 1/11

Grocery total: $98.77
Spent: $13.48
Saved: $85.29

Grocery shopping at Meijer 1/16

Grocery total: $47.11
Spent: $8.12
Saved: $38.99

Weekly Total
Spent: $21.60
Saved: $124.28

*Previously, I had kept tabs on our spending using mental math and guesstimating (yikes) and then I'd sit down at the end of the month and tally all of my receipts. This year my weekly approach will hopefully keep me up to date, encouraged to keep spending more coupons than cash, and maybe I'll even stumble upon more *new* and *creative* ways to save!



Wow you did great!!

Kristin- Stampin' Fanatic!

I can't believe you got all those steamers! The one I went to had NOTHING left!! Boo! :(

Laura Webber

SO sad! I even went at 8pm on Saturday. Did you get a rain check?


So, how do you eat all that yogurt before it goes bad? I was going to do the yogurt deal, but I didn't think we could go through all of it. Can you freeze it?

Laura Webber

I have heard that people do freeze their excess yogurt, but that the consistancy isn't the same- but its perfect for making smoothies!

My son will gobble all of the yogurt that I can purchase... and since he's a 'selective' type of eater, I'm just thrilled he's eating!

Plus my husband and I have eaten a few of them too!