Friday, October 23, 2009

Gordon Food Service

So I've had the hankering to make my own spaghetti sauce(this will be an upcoming Tutorial Tuesday post), and I wanted to purchase large cans of tomatoes that anyone could similarly purchase (without a Sam's Club or Costco membership) to make the sauce as well.

Normally I just run into Gordon Food Service to pick up my favorite salad dressing seasoning mix, but this time I strolled all of the aisles.

Here are my 'investment purchases' for future meals...

I purchased:
Three cans (19 pounds, 11 ounces) of tomatoes for $11.48.
Spring mix lettuce, $3.99.
Chili powder, $5.29/16 ounces.
*This is the equivalent of 12 envelopes... normally $1.09-$1.79 each.
1 pound bag of bacon crumbles, $6.79.
* Normally $2.79-ish for 3 oz bottles.
Total: $27.54

I could have just purchased a large can (equivalent to 4 jars) for $7.49 or $1.88/jar's worth. But purchasing a jar at a time with coupons is far more cost effective, and making my own sounds much more yummy.

I was pleasantly reminded that GFS will slice your whole meat purchases for FREE. These 10 pound turkey breasts are $18.79/each. Freshly sliced, this turkey is $1.87/pound. You could make a weekly rotation with a few friends and get a group rate turkey discount for kid's lunches.

This is what I fell in *LOVE* with... a NINE POUND TUB of FETA CHEESE!!!
*I actually asked for one of these for my birthday last year... now I know where I can really get one!!!
All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by many (not all) of the prices for food items at GFS. I would definitely consider re-purchasing the above items, deli meat for a large party, and produce. But, I won't even think about popping in for a gallon of milk... it was $1.25 higher than the grocery stores this week!
Do YOU shop at GFS?



Dave just recently went to GFS looking for pre-cooked sausage patties (like Bob Evans Express in the grocery refrigerator case...however those are regularly ~$3 for EIGHT patties! Yikes!)

He found a big box of them very cheap. I can't remember the details, but we'll be back for them!

Being diabetic can make breakfast really expensive, so he makes his own breakfast "sandwiches" with small bagels, sausage, egg, and cheese.

Oh and I'm sure you know you can freeze portions of the feta. I get bleu cheese that way at Costco (not THAT much at a time)!!, divide and freeze it.

Laura Webber

Carrie... you are my Freezer Hero, I had no idea!!!

Laura Webber

Well, to be honest, I could probably eat all of that Feta before it could have a chance to expire!!! Sick, but true :)!


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