Friday, October 23, 2009

Recipe Reminders

Normally our family goes out to dinner once a week, but my son recently had an allergic reaction to a blueberry muffin at Panera. We are currently undergoing testing (Bo most likely has nut allergies) which has kept us from eating out. I'm working towards creating a recipe stockpile (with pictures) of our favorites... you may even see them as part of a Tutorial Tuesday post.

Here are pictoral reminders of some of our classic stand by recipes...

Bacon and pineapple pizza with garlic butter crust!
*We purchase 1 can of pizza sauce that was enough for 4 pizza's. I used 1/4 of the can and froze the rest for later use.

Broccoli, Cheddar and Bacon Quiche.
*I actually used a bag of FREE broccoli Steamers from a few weeks ago!



mmmmm, they both look yummy!