Friday, October 23, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

Grocery Total: $38.77
Spent: $8.03 & Saved: $30.74
27 coupons spent
$2 in store rewards (Catalina's earned from purchasing Ziploc's last week)
6 FREE items (Tony's pizza's)

We really didn't need much this week (I picked up a gallon of milk and 3 bricks of cream cheese at Kroger later in the week for $4.75), so I just grabbed our produce and my stockpilable items.

I was pleasantly surprised when a $.50 Catalina printed out for each sleeve of yeast that I purchased... especially since I purchased 3 per transaction (2 transactions) so that I could spend my $1/3 MBC in addition to my $.40 MFC's.

As I stood in line, I realized that my Barilla coupons were one day expired, so classic Laura... I asked the cashier if I may spend them or else have them taken off of my order. My cashier allowed me to spend them.

When I scanned my Barilla coupon (U-Scan) a window popped up that said that I needed cashier assistance. When my cashier entered her code to work the U-Scan machine manually, the computer said that my coupon was EXPIRED! My cashier laughed because I had already ratted myself out... but just beware if you try to spend expired coupons... the coupon scanners are getting smarter!!! Don't get caught in an embarrassing situation!!!



I'm trying to get the hang of your plans, so I can do it too. How many transactions did you have to make to get everything in this picture?

Laura Webber

3- because I wanted to get all of my $.50 coupons for the Tony's pizza's to double, and Meijer limits the doubling of coupons to TWO identical coupons per transaction.


Just an FYI, my Meijer in Indianapolis refused my Velveeta Shells and Cheese mealbox coupon, saying it was a fraudulent coupon. I explained that I printed it from the Meijer website and they still wouldn't take it. Have you heard of this?


Hey, Laura. Not sure if there was a good deal on your yeast (?), but did you know that yeast is SUPER cheap at Sam's Club (and I would guess Costco, too)? I buy two pounds of it for $4 and put the one pound I'm not using in the freezer, and the one I am using in the fridge. :-)

Laura Webber

Good to know... my packets were FREE after catalina's, MBC's & MFC's... but I'd love your yeast rolls recipe if you are willing to share it!!!

Laura Webber

If a cashier EVER refuses a legitimate coupon, just ask for a manager (which can be uncomfortable the first few times you ask) but it is their job to take care of you and to know their store's policies. Your store must not have many customers taking advantage of the bonus Mealbox coupons. Break 'em in!!!