Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thought Provoking Thursday

Have you ever stepped back to think about EXACTLY what you purchase? I tend to err on the 'creature of habit' side of things, and my shopping becomes the tell tale of what I grew up with, how well I cook and how much effort I'm willing to put into feeding my family.

My cooking and baking skills have dramatically improved over the course of the last several years, but shopping with coupons has allowed me to laz-i-fy some basics in food preparation. I LOVE Bisquick for Saturday morning pancakes! I LOVE pre-measured portions of yogurt for easy snacking! And I thought that I LOVED baby carrots... but I was wrong!

You see, I recently purchased an inexpensive bag of 'slice and dice yourself' carrots, and the taste was AMAZING! I was shocked by the taste difference! The big carrots were far more appealing in color as well as taste! The big carrots never became soggy or slimy-even though I kept them cut and in the fridge for almost a week!

I think my love affair with baby carrots is over! It was easy choice to swap big carrots for the cute little mini's, and price has nothing to do with my decision! I'll happily take a few minutes of prep work for better taste any day!

Have YOU ever given up an easy food for a little prep work and better taste?



Pancakes. I was a Bisquick girl for a long time. (I still keep a box around just in case.) Making pancake batter from scratch involves only one or two more ingredients than using Bisquick. I've experimented with dry ingredients like whole wheat flour or cinnamon and with wet ingredients like substituting applesauce for some of the oil.
Generally, I mix up the batter the night before so I don't have to do too much thinking in the morning.
Oh, and I totally agree with the carrot revelation.


Totally agree regarding carrots. I keep giving them to my son in his lunch hoping he would eat them and they always come back. Yesturday I did the same but with the big ones...and he actually ate them. Makes sense, they taste good.


BREAD!! I got the book "artisan bread in five minutes a day" i am not sure i will ever purchase store bought again.


lol thats so funny about the carrots. I was just as my moms house two days ago and she was telling me how she switched. Shes eaten baby carrots since I could remember and now uses the big carrots. She says they are fantastic!

Laura Webber

Erin... I guess I'll have to check out that book... I have heard so much about it!

Stevie... Listen to your mother!

Amy K

Ditto on the carrot thing ... actually probably happened "by accident" about a year ago when I started couponing "heavy duty" and watching the grocery expenditure much more closely ... after that first bag and the HUGE taste difference we haven't gone back:)