Friday, May 21, 2010

What Would Laura Spend?

I've been asked to share what my personal price list would be for SE Michigan. Here is a list of the majority of items that I purchase for my family... and the TOP price that I am willing to spend for these products! Usually I am able to spend less if I play my coupons right! Keep in mind that I've been spending coupons for over two years and I have had ample opportunities to stock up on enough of many of these products to be able to hold out until the next sale to replenish our supply!

Many super savvy consumers will keep an ongoing list or the lowest purchase price of their most often purchased items... challenging themselves to hold out for only the best sales... I've compiled this list from my head (lucky you for taking a climb inside... wink!), since I do my best to spend as little as possible without running myself ragged!

Household Items:

Paper Towels: $.09/roll... at SUPER Kroger. (SK doubles coupons up to $1)
Toilet Paper: $0... with store reward $ or $/$$$ coupons at the drug stores.
Tissues: $.50/box... usually at Meijer/Kroger.
Laundry soap: $1/bottle... or ECB's at CVS.
Dryer sheets: $0... I spend ECB's at CVS.
Dish Soap: $.75/small bottle... usually at CVS.
Dishwasher soap: $.50/box (of Electrosol) three times per year with the $2.50 coupons.
Hand Soap: $.30-$.35... usually at Meijer/Kroger.
Air fresheners: $0... usually at Target!
Trash bags: $? Dave is picky, I try to spend store rewards to lessen the cost.
Storage bags: $.25/box... usually at Meijer.
Storage containers: $1/box... usually at Meijer.

Personal Care Items:
Floss: $0... usually at SUPER Kroger or the drug stores.
Toothpaste: $0... usually at the drug stores.
Tooth brush: $0... usually at the drug stores.
Band-Aids: $0... trial sizes at Target.
Body wash: $0... usually at the drug stores.
Deodorant: $0... usually at the drug stores.
$0... usually at the drug stores.
Conditioner: $0... usually at the drug stores.
Hair products: $0... usually at the drug stores.
Razors: $0... usually at the drug stores or Target.
Shaving cream: $0... usually at the drug stores or Target.
Lotion: $0... usually at the drug stores or Target.
Make-up: $0... usually at the drug stores.
Pain Killers:
$2/40-50 count package... usually at the drug stores.
Feminine Products:
$0... I refuse to pay money for these... usually the drug stores or Target.

Baby Items:
Diapers: $3-$5... usually at the drug stores.
Wipes: $1/box... usually at the drug stores or Kroger.
Baby wash: $3 (Aveeno) ... usually at the drug stores.
Diaper cream: $2... usually at the drug stores.
$3 (Aveeno) ... usually at the drug stores.

Cleaning Items:
All purpose cleaner: $.25... usually at Meijer (Lysol sales).
Glass cleaner:
$.25... usually at Meijer (Lysol sales).
Toilet cleaner: $.25... usually at Meijer (Lysol sales).
Wipes: $1/tub... usually at Meijer (Lysol sales).

Food Items:

for fresh fruits and vegetables, I try to purchase only the varieties that I know my family will eat, and in quantities that we will eat before the food will spoil! I buy what is in season and I cut and do the prep work myself!


Yogurt: $.30/small tub, $1/4 pack... usually SUPER Kroger or Meijer.
Cheese: $1/package... usually Meijer.
String cheese: $8/large package... usually Costco.
Parmesan cheese: $2/shaker... usually SUPER Kroger.
Crescent type rolls: $.25/tube... usually Meijer or Kroger.
Juice: $1.25/carton... usually SUPER Kroger.
Butter: $2/box... usually Costco.
Eggs: $1/carton... usually the grocery store.
Cottage cheese: $1/tub... usually Kroger.
Sour cream: $1/tub... usually Meijer or Kroger.
Milk: $2/gallon.


Chicken breasts (40 oz): $4... usually Meijer.
Vegetables: $.30... usually Meijer/Kroger.
Garlic bread: $1/loaf... usually Meijer.
Ice cream: $1.50/carton... usually SUPER Kroger.


Tomatoes: $.40... usually at Meijer.
Vegetables: $.25... usually at Meijer or Target.
Fruit: $.75... usually at Meijer or Target.
Tuna: $.50... usually SUPER Kroger.
Soup: $.30/can... usually Meijer.
Cooking soup: $.50/can... usually Meijer or SUPER Kroger.

Whole chicken: $.89/pound... usually at the grocery store.
Rotisserie chicken: $5
Fresh chicken: $2/pound.
Fresh Angus: $2/pound
Ball Park beef hot dogs: $2/package... usually Costco.
Bacon crumbles:... big bag from Gordon Food Service.
Bacon: $1.50/pound... usually Meijer/Kroger.
Sausage: $1/package.
Polish sausage: $1.50/rope... usually Meijer.

Pasta salad: $.50/box... usually Meijer.
Pasta: $.50/box... usually Meijer or SUPER Kroger.
Lasagna: $1/box... usually Meijer.
Cereal: $1/box... usually Meijer/Kroger.
Cookies: $1... usually Target.
Crackers: $1... usually Meijer or Kroger.
Fruit snacks: $.50/box... usually Meijer.


Cake mix: $1/box... usually Meijer/Kroger.
Muffin mix: $1/box... usually Meijer/Kroger.
Bisquick: $1/box... usually Meijer.
$1.50/5 pounds... usually Meijer.
Brown sugar: $1/pound... usually Meijer or Target.
White sugar: $2/5 pounds... usually Meijer or Target.
Spices: $.50... usually Meijer.
Baking soda: $.25... usually Walgreens at the holidays.
Baking Powder: $.25... usually Walgreens at the holidays.

Tortillas: $1... usually at Meijer or Kroger.
Loaf of sandwich bread: $1... usually at Meijer or Kroger.
Loaf of yummy bread: $1... usually at Meijer or Kroger.
Package of buns: $1.50... usually at Meijer or Kroger.


Ketchup: $1... grocery store/Target.
Mustard: $.50 grocery store/Target.
Marinade: $1 grocery store/Target.
Mayonnaise: $1 grocery store/Target.
BBQ sauce: $1 grocery store/Target.

Are some of these prices true for YOU too?
Do YOU have anything to add to the list?



Awesome list....thanks for taking the time to put it together!

Staying Lean

Wow best list I have ever seen for metro Detroit and I love that you put where you can get those items from! I will definitely be linking to this some time later today!

Laura Webber

Thanks Tashena!


What a great list - very very helpful. Loved that your personal care items list was "0" practically the whole way down. I can't think of anything to add off the top of my head. We love ice cream so I'm willing to pay a little more than what you listed. Do you have an Aldi's near you? I buy eggs, butter and milk there (unless I'm buying organic milk) because their prices are always less expensive. (eggs 79 cents or less; butter 1.79; milk 1.89 or less)

Laura Webber

Aldi is kind of out of my way... I usually just purchase milk at the typical grocery store!


Awesome list! This is especially helpful for those of us just starting out. Thanks so much!


I'd love to pay $2 for a gallon of milk! The state regulates our minimum milk prices. This week I paid $3.29 for gallon of store brand 1% milk.


Thank you for compiling this for us. What a great resource! I will be printing this and putting it in my coupon binder.



Good Grief! What state are you in? I have never heard of a state regulating prices???

Our local Aldi regularly has gallons of milk for $1.49


I will be showing this list to my husband. He can't believe I'm waiting until Memorial Weekend to get Ketchup...I know it goes on sale during that time of the year. Also, Laura...How much do you LOVE SUPER Kroger when they double manuf. coupons. Loving it. I also have VG's that doubles manuf. Saving lots of $$$ Thank You


Pennsylvania regulates milk prices. I think it started as a way to make sure dairy farmers were adequately compensated. There's a State Board that determines the minimum price for all varieties of milk. The premium brands often cost more, but they never cost less.
Also whenever a store has a promotion where you spend $xx to earn some kind of discount or reward, milk is never included in your total spending because that discount you'd receive actually discounts the amount you would have paid for the milk.

Becky C

GREAT list! As always, thanks for all you do, Laura!

Amy K

Thanks for this awesome list Laura!


What a great list! I really appreciate you taking the time to post this.

Laura Webber

My pleasure, thanks for reading!


Are these the lowest prices you get by using coupons that double? I live in W. MI and nobody doubles over here - all of the stores have signed an agreement not to double. :(