Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Want-A-Peek Wednesday

SUPER Kroger:
Grocery Total: $69.29
Spent: $2.15
Saved: $64.14

Items purchased with coupons:
KEY: MFC= Manufacturer's coupon, IP= Internet printable coupon.

I had rain checks and coupons for both sets of Rubbermaid containers and the Hefty bags... making all of them FREE! Welch's (IP), Tropicana (MFC) & Bounty (MFC)

Grocery Total: $84.61
Spent: $23.80
Saved: $60.81
*** I accidentally took 6 packs of water up to the register instead of 12 packs, so I need to visit the customer service desk later in the week!

Items purchased with coupons:
KEY: MFC= Manufacturer's coupon, MBC= Meijer Mealbox coupon, IP= Internet printable coupon.

Bimbo bread (MFC & MBC), Potatoes (IP), Mayo (MBC), Crystal Light (IP & MBC), Yoplait (MFC), Hillshire Farms (MFC)

Grocery Total: $52.69
Spent: $2.69
Saved: $50.00
Store Rewards Spent: $50

***Thanks for all of your advice on how I should spend my annual Costco rewards!

I had one of those "WOW" moments while using the self scan at Costco... my total actually came to $50 even (the exact amount of FREE money that I had to spend!)! I was tickled when I checked out... until I started strolling the cart away and noticed that my son was still holding the container of cinnamon... ah, multi transactions at Costco... it feels kind of weird!

Gordon Food Service:
***And since I forgot (AGAIN!) to put the cinnamon in the Costco picture... here it is!!!
Grocery Total: $9.99
Spent: $6.99
Saved: $3

FYI: These meatballs (which are yummy with spaghetti sauce, Alfredo sauce and BBQ sauce) are on sale until 5/22!

Weekly Total:
Spent: $35.63
Saved: $177.95



We need to do Super Kroger together again sometime! It'll give me the motivation to organize my HUGE pile of coupons! :-)

My Whole lot of Love

i am confused how did u get such a good deal on paper towel and juice...plz share


Hi Laura,

I noticed you had an IP coupon for the potatoes. This is one of the only brands I buy and would love a coupon. Do you remember where you found it? Thank you!

Laura Webber

Hi Modern Girl,
SUPER Kroger doubles coupons up to and including $1. Bounty Basics sells for $1.09 and I had a coupon for $1/2 or $1 off each roll! The juice is similar, I had $1 off coupons that double... the OJ was $.38 and the grape juice was FREE!

I printed the coupon several weeks ago... I don't remember! I Googled the coupon and got this link:


Is the free water with purchase of 3 Crystal Light products this week at Meijer? I saw in the ad the Crystal Light is on sale, but I didn't see anything about the water. Does the register print a catalina for the water or just automatically take the cost off after you ring up your water?

Laura Webber

You need to bring a Meijer brand 12 pack with you to the register... it will automatically be deducted!




Wow, I never shop at Kroger, because I've always found the best deals accross the street from Kroger (at Meijer). Also, I've never heard of a SUPER Kroger, but it sounds like a winner!

Laura Webber

Since SUPER Kroger is 45 minutes from my house, I only shop it when I'm in the area... but all in all, Meijer is hands down my favorite!