Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spending/Saving Saturday April 18-24

Sick toddler = no pics... sorry!

Meijer: (two day sale)

Grocery Total: $88.44
Spent: $6.20
Saved: $82.24
Store Rewards Spent: $5
Store Rewards Earned: $6

Local Grocery Store: (Dave shopped... YIKES!)
Me: "Where is the receipt honey?"
Dave: "The what?"
Me: Honey, we track our spending!"
Dave: "It was like $5 or something..."
Me: "Eggs & OJ (We already had OJ!!!)?"
Dave: "Yup!"

Item total: $5
Spent: $5
Saved: $0

Item total: $6.23
Spent: $5.24
Saved: $.99

Item total: $55.75
Spent: $1.38
Saved: $54.37

Item total: $9.11
Spent: $1.09 (+ a little bit of GC)
Saved: $8.02

Item total: $28.93
Spent: $0 (GC)
Saved: $28.93
*Return: $-7.24
***I purchased Huggies two weeks ago thinking that they were included in the 'purchase $25 in baby items, receive $10 in ECB's... so I purchased diapers and wipes with GC and ECB's, but the Huggies weren't included. (I hate finding out the hard way!) When I returned the diapers (because I am unwilling to pay full price without gaining rewards- even when the full price is paid by store rewards and prescription transfer gift cards) I was given the GC money back on a gift card and ECB's back in cash... weird. Anyone else ever have this happen?

Here are this week's previous purchases.
Spent: $26.55
Saved: $58.14

Weekly Total: $262.13
Spent: $38.22
Saved $239.93



I hope everyone's feeling better soon. I was up with a sick child most of last night, but, fortunately for us, it looks like things are back to normal now.

Laura Webber

Thanks for checking in. My little guy is on an antibiotic and a steroid too... unfortunately it will be a while. I'm glad your little guy/gal is feeling better.