Monday, March 1, 2010

Meijer Naturals Update:

I posted what I anticipated to be one pretty sweet deal at Meijer this week.

But when my catalina coupon printed after I purchased two $.57 items, I was bummed because the catalina was only spendable on MORE Meijer Naturals products... but I thought that I'd be OK, since I was planning to purchase a few more cans.

And then I read the fine print (akkk, I HATE fine print!), and the coupon indicated that the catalinas would not 'roll,' meaning that I couldn't spend this catalina on another Meijer Naturals products and expect another $1 catalina to print... bummer!

Then, because I really didn't have a choice, I decided to purchase 2 more inexpensive Meijer Naturals products with my $1 catalina coupon... and the register would only allow $.57 to be deducted from the price of the sale, so only one little can's worth of cost... so I still had to pay for the second can.

Sorry, the deal is not as sweet as I had anticipated. Boo!

In case you'd like to take your chances... here are the items and prices from my least expensive store. Unfortunately, following in 'bummer' type fashion, they are not as inexpensive as I had reported earlier, sorry!



I had the same thing happen to me today! I was just buying the cans for the catalina in the first place, didn't know it was only on Naturals.

Staying Lean

I was bummed when I did the deal yesterday and saw that fine print. And me over in Northern Oakland County all of my prices are more expensive any way!

Laura Webber

Yep, it was crummy... I was only purchasing the can for the catalina too!


I buy Organic Milk there every week so its worth it.


Oh that is a bummer. I was on board to get the products for the $ catalina and would then put the catalina towards 2 more products however I don't see why they would only take off 57cents. I won't even try it now I guess. Did they tell you why that was?


Wow...I did this deal and didn't even catch this! Thanks for pointing this out.


Laura, I wanted to ask you something that isn't related to this post's topic...hope that's ok.

I saved big at Meijer and Target yesterday, especially Target, but I had a question.

I bought four 75-oz. Tides and used two $1/2 MF coupons, and four Target 75 cents off coupons. I also used (and here is my question) four B1G1 coupons, where I got four 36-oz. bottles of Tide stain fighting liquid for free. (Btw, I also got two $5 gift cards...I was excited!) Should I not have used the two $1/2 coupons, since they were MF coupons, when I also used the four B1G1 MF coupons? I didn't think about it at the time but I am now. What do you think?


Laura Webber

Hi Pam,
Seriously, honesty is the best policy... we ALL make mistakes, but owning them, learning from them and then not making them again is making the best of the situation!

Sweet deal, but you should have omitted the $1/2 since you were already spending BOGO coupons which count towards all 8 of the products that you purchased.

However, if it was a BOGO sale, you may spend 2 MFC coupons if the store manager allows!

Great question!


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Bummer!! I hope this isn't a sign that they are changing the catalinas.


Absolutely, I agree, Laura. Thanks.