Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drug Store Deals: January 17th Weekly Edition

THANK YOU Coupon Crazy Chrys for your drug store deal-ing coupon match-ups!

Drug store deals for this week:

FREE Dawn hand renewal & a sweet Pepsi deal for Pepsi lovers!

Dawn dish soap, $.79 (I love to refill my pump)

Rite Aid:
Purchase 1 Kraft mac & cheese, get 3 FREE & $.49 Wet Ones

Chrys is a local Detroit blogger who is a master of spending very little out of pocket at CVS, Walgreen's and Rite Aid- and she has graciously allowed me to link her drug store coupon match-ups with you each Monday... WOO HOO, thanks Chrys!!! Coupon Crazy Chrys is now available along my sidebar!



Hi Laura,
I've been on a couponing hiatus as of late, but am hoping to get back into it. I recently went to CVS for the first time in a while to take advantage of a B1G1 deal. I also had coupons for the items. Did the rules change? I thought we could once use coupons on free items. The cashier said that that's no longer the case. AND they will no longer accept expired ECB's. Yikes. Maybe it was just the store I went to, but she said she couldn't override the system...

Laura Webber

Well, spending two coupons on a buy one get one FREE deal is always a gamble. It is up to the cashier/manager if he/she will accept the two coupons. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not!

Most CVS's are no longer accepting expired ECB's- that's true. What I would do is call your store manager and ask for a special favor, and promise that you'll NEVER let them expire ever again.... maybe that'll work!


The CVS Pepsi deal is AWESOME. It's the best deal I've gotten on twelve packs all year!

Another change at CVS is they're no longer accepting the rite aid GC coupon for refills, so guess I'm going to actually start transferring my prescriptions back and forth between the two!

Laura Webber

Sadly, I am not a Pepsi lover... and I'm limiting my soda consumption (but hey, I'm losing weight!)!

I don't have any prescriptions, so I am a little behind in the transfer info- but I appreciate your scoop! Thanks!