Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hip2Save Update

Hip2Save's blog was accidentally deemed a spam blog and Blogger (a blog hosting company) has temporarily shut it down. I emailed Collin, the blog author, and she has pointed me in the direction of her temporary blog Please visit her there until she has worked out her blog issues.

I will update my sidebar link for Hip2Save once she has her permanent site.

Thanks for all of the kind emails asking for her! I bet she'd like to hear from you too!



Fantastic, Laura, thanks for the update. I've been wondering about her...



Awesome! Between your site & Hip to Save, you are my daily fix. Thanks!

Laura Webber

I'm glad that you are getting your 'fix'!!! That's so funny!


I agree! I don't know what I would do without Sharpen Your Scissors and Hip2Save! I check in several times a day...I love these blogs!! :)

Laura Webber

Seriously, YOU guys make blogging fun! Thanks for the sweet comments!


Thanks so much... I was wondering where she was. You rock for all the updates. :)

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