Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Survey

I love how many traditions are packed into the holidays! One of my favorite traditions for Christmas when growing up was opening my stocking.

I LOVE the tradition of hanging stockings! Each family member represented by a large hanging sock!!!

When my siblings and I were little, one of us was bound to wake up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, and would wake up the other two siblings. We'd whisper back and forth over if we thought that we could wake my parents up yet... or was it too early? I loved those crazy early mornings!!!

We'd have to patiently sit at the top of the staircase while the lights and tree were turned on, and while my Dad began brewing his coffee. It seemed like an eternity of top step sitting, but eventually we'd be ushered downstairs on Christmas morning- and we would always begin with opening our stockings.

Is stocking stuffing an enjoyable part of your gift giving for your family, or is it a tradition that continues on because your kids would miss it if your weren't hung by the chimney with care?


Carrie B

Well, we don't have kiddos and we've run out of places to hang stockings (gave away the stocking hooks last year), but our budget for each other is very small! This means that we have one small "regular" gift and one stocking stuffer. We adore them! It's also fun to see the dog and cat go nuts over their stocking stuffers (usually the edible type). While we don't go overboard like mom & dad did back in the day, we do enjoy our one stocking stuffer and plan to continue it!

Amy K

your christmas mornings sound a lot like mine growing up! My parents always (and still do) give us socks, underware, new pjs, slippers and one "shoot 'em" toy in our stockigns. We spent an hour shooting eachother with foam pelletts before we opened our "real" gifts. My grandmother always gave us nuts, chocolate and an orange in our stockings. (must be a cultural thing).

For my kids, I give them the "littlier" toys. Usually their "big gift" is some expensive electronic gadget that only santa could afford... So their stockings are the "other" stuff. But I always include an orange.

Now, as an adult, I look forward to my stockings from my parents for new underware,pj's etc. My kids aren't too fond of it--but neither was I at their age. And, still, we ALL get "shoot 'em" toys. It's fun for the aunts and uncles (my siblings) to shoot at and duck from my kids.--ahh, family traditions!!


I always loved my stocking, too! My husband isn't very fond of doing it as adults, but he loves helping with the kids' stockings. We have a good time trying to fit everything into them on Christmas Eve!

I always visit the chocolate shop in Milford for chocolate Santas, and we also include small toys and/or games, small scouting items (this year it's a compass for our youngest and a headlamp for our oldest),and this year (for free!) two disposable cameras for them to have fun with on Christmas day.

I have to say that spending coupons and looking for deals online has helped this year tremendously!



Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas! I still look forward to receiving them from my parents! My husbands family didn't do stockings growing up, so he didn't get it initially...but now he digs it! I make him one and he makes me one! He still calls them socks though...I don't get it! Super fun! Can't wait till we have our own kids to make stockings for.


i loved my stocking too. mom always put an orange in the bottom of it to fill out the toe nicely :)

this year i'm excited to stuff my kid's stockings with book lights, candy canes and card games (which i got super cheap thanks to my couponing and sale searching)