Friday, December 18, 2009

Keeping You Up To Date:

1. There will be NO coupon inserts for the next TWO weeks (12.20.09 & 12.27.09)! BUT... on the bright side, the first Sunday in January will have FIVE 'filled to the gills' coupon inserts for your clipping pleasure! Please visit, Red or Smart if you are going through clipping withdrawls...

2. I will continue posting my regularly scheduled posts as well as answering questions and sharing the savvy shopping ideas that are swirrling around in my head!
Mondays - The Grocery Game Plans
Tuesdays - Tutorial Tuesday's - pictoral recipes
Thursdays - Thought Provoking Thursday's budget trimming ideas

3. I am spending some extra time planning exciting updates for Sharpen Your Scissors for 2010!!! I think you're going to LOVE them! Shhhhhh, its all a secret for right now...

4. I am planning a SWEET celebration to close out 2009. Its all about Me thanking YOU for such an amazing year, TOGETHER we've impacting our spending, our communities and giving the gift of clean water to needy families in Haiti through Raincatchers!

Six days (12.26.09 - 12.31.09)
Six AWESOME prizes!!!