Friday, October 9, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: What is the scoop on internet coupons that say do not double? Some blogs make it seem like they will still double.

Me: Yes, some 'Do Not Double' coupons will still double automatucally at the register. If the tiny number preceeding all of the barcode numbers on your DND coupon is a 5, than your coupon will still automatically double. If the tiny number is a 9 instead of a 5, than your coupon will not double unless a cashier chooses to do so manually. *If a store chooses to double a DND coupon, it is simply because the store offers the 'doubled discount', not the manufacturer.

Coupon Clipper: What is your target price for a roll of TP? With BIG rolls, Double rolls, Mega rolls.....I have a hard time figuring out when it is the best deal.

Me: I grew up a loyal Quilted Northern girl, why stray right? BUT...since then I have tried several other brands when they have been on sale and I have had coupons to match the on sale brand. *I'd be lying if I didn't mention that I haven't paid for toilet paper since May 2008. So my target price is actually $0.

So here is how I "purchase" toilet paper for my household:

1. I keep a watch out for all brands of toilet paper to go on sale, then I check to see if I have a matching coupon. This would give me the lowest possible price to purchase my TP at. Also keep in mind that purchasing the smallest quantity of rolls per package (as the coupon allows) will give you the greatest financial impact of per roll savings. *I have even spent a $.50 coupon (which doubles to $1) on a four roll package of TP that sells for $1 = FREE! This is rare, but does happen!

2. If I am running low on stocked rolls, I will spend my store rewards (usually Extra Care Bucks from CVS) to purchase my TP instead of cash at the grocery store. This keeps my grocery spending down, but my TP spools filled!