Friday, October 9, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: Do you primarily only buy the best deals listed on your website from each store (Meijer, Target, Kroger, etc)? If so, how do you follow recipes and meal ideas that you might have? I am having trouble figuring out how to begin b/c if I only buy the best deals, I would definitely not have enough to make very many meals...

Me: Stockpiling the best deals each week keeps more items on your shelves at home instead of loading up your cart each week. The more I have at home in my fridge/freezer/pantry- all purchased at low sale & couponed prices, gives me more (less expensive) choices of what to make for dinner.

When a shopper begins to stockpile, looking for 1-5 items to purchase in multiples each week, then multiple of your families favorite items begin to fill your home. You will still need to purchase items like dairy, produce and meat + the other items that you plan to eat... until you have had an opportunity to stockpile those items as well.

Little by little your most consumed products for your household will fill your home so that your grocery list and spending continues to shrink!

Coupon Clipper: Where do you find the best place to buy meat (especially in bulk, since I am just starting in a freezer friends group and am supposed to be making chicken fajitas and will need about 10 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for my recipe)?

Me: If I were to need 10 pounds of chicken NOW... I'd head to Costco. For my family, I keep an eye out for sale prices like 2.5 pound bags of boneless/skinless chicken breast to go on sale for $4 a bag, then I may purchase 10-12 bags and keep them in my freezer. Planning ahead allows you to keep your eyes open for a great deal (2.5 pound bags of chicken normally are priced at $10) to purchase and use for a later date!

Coupon Clipper: When you go to online coupon locations, (such as do you try to print as many coupons from that sight as possible or only the ones you need for that week? I guess I feel that if you don't print them all out, then you might miss out and they won't be available next week. (Also, I wanted to print more than one so I didn't waste a whole sheet of paper on just one little coupon).

Me: I usually print the coupon when I see it... just in case the print limit is reached (a manufacturer may place a cap on the volume of coupons able to be printed). Some coupons are printed one per page (I hate that too), just make sure to print your coupons in gray scale NOT in color!!!

*Office Depot has reams of paper (500 sheets/ream) on sale for $6.29 with a $5.30 rebate (limit 2)... that's $.99/ream! This is an excellent deal for printing coupons on! *See store for details

You can also print coupons on the back of already used paper. Maybe a family member can bring some home from their place of employment for you to print coupons on!

And you can just refill your ink cartridges instead of purchasing new ones... Walgreen's does this as well as several local joints.



Hey Laura,

About the 10 pounds of chicken...I found a great grocery store in Milford, Mi. It is called the Milford Grocery I believe. It is at the end of Commerce road if you are coming from Main st going east in Milford. They have fresh boneless chicken for $1.62 a pound if you buy more than 5 pounds. Also they sell beef tenderloin usually for $5.99 a pound. Ask for Pete.


ps. can we do coffee sometime this week?

Laura Webber

oooh! Thanks!!!