Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thought Provoking Thursday

Thought Provoking Thursday's goal it to offer a new-ish perspective to saving on necessary items aside from our grocery and household needs. Each week I will bring an idea to the table to share how I personally tackle areas of my own family's spending. I am hopeful that my faithful readers will feel the freedom to offer more advice through comments below each post.

Today's thought is all about inexpensive Halloween treats.

Purchasing treats for cute little Halloween beggars is expensive! This is my fourth year living in our neighborhood which happens to be one square mile of densely populated homes filled with trick-or-treating aged children.

The first year that Dave and I were married, we went all out and spent a small fortune on OUR favorite treats (hopeful for leftovers!!!)! We were newly married (our first holiday spend as husband and wife) and we enjoyed doling out FULL size candy bars that we thought were a *great price* at Costco. (Ahem... we were less than financially savvy spenders way back when!!!)

Our second Halloween (I was pregnant and thoroughly craved salty snacks!) I happened to stroll past a display of individually wrapped microwave popcorn packages specially decorated to celebrate Halloween at Costco, and so I picked up several boxes. I lucked out that it was just a couple of days before Halloween (yes, I procrastinate!) and the treats were 50% off! I got lucky!

Last year, my first 'couponized' Halloween, I purchased all of our Halloween candy with my Extra Care Bucks that I had earned by savvily shopping at CVS. FREE is my love language- especially when it is FREE chocolate!!!

This year I have decided to purchase COUPON TREATS!!! Here is what I have learned in my research:

1. McDonalds offers a 12 coupon booklet for children to receive one of the following FREE: apple dippers, apple juice, jug of milk, small cone or a burger. 12 coupons for $1 = $.08 per child. Coupons are redeemable 11/1-12/31.

2. Burger King offers an 8 coupon booklet for children to receive a value size fry. 8 coupons for $1 = $.12 per child. Coupons valid 10/1-12/31. *The proceeds from the sale of the Burger King coupon booklet helps to support the Burger King scholarship programs!

3. Wendy's (not pictured) offers a 10 coupon booklet for children to receive a Jr. Frosty. 10 coupons for $1 = $.10 per child. Coupons valid 11/1-2/1. *The proceeds from the sale of the Wendy's coupon booklet helps to support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption! ***Not all area Wendy's location are selling the coupon booklets, but all locations are redeeming the coupons. Check your location (by phone) before venturing out to purchase the booklets!

Do you have any savvy Halloween spending tips?



I scored big time on Super Saturday last week on the 10 count boxes of General Mills fruit snacks that I got for free from Meijers. The children are getting those individual packets inside.

I am also using the Halloween pencils that had to be used as fillers from Walgreens.

Bargains to Bounty

I never thought about FREE as a Love Language!!! Very clever - must be language #6! :)

I keep asking my McDonald's if they have their booklets yet. As of a week ago, it was still no. When did you snag yours?

We like to get a couple to send to our long-distance nieces/nephews as treats (great in cards!) and some to stash in the glove box for treats for our kids!

Laura Webber

I picked up my booklets on Wednesday of this week! I'm bummed about Wendy's booklets being so hard to get... I'm all about Adoption!!!

I am *really* wanting those Wendy's far I have tried Brighton and today Canton and haven't found them - have you?

Laura Webber

Nope. I'm bummed!


Sat. Oct.10th bought the Halloween coupons at Wendys in Toledo, leaving the Toledo zoo with 2 girl scout troops, gave the coupons to the girls who immediately redeemed them for a kid-size frosty after their lunch!
No need to wait to redeem! Have done this in the past with scouts.


I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.