Thursday, October 15, 2009

I thought I'd share a few images that I have received from my husband this week (via Twitter and Dave's temporary global data plan on his cell!!!).

Haiti is such a beautiful country! The Raincatchers team flew into Port Au Prince, Haiti and this was their coastal view... incredible!

This dump truck, affectionately called a "tap, tap" in Haiti, was the 24 team member limo for a several hour trek up the mountain.

Unfortunately, during the climb, two back tires blew. While in Haiti, my husband is fond of the saying "it is what it is." And so one tire from the other rear set of tires was moved over to the double blown side, and up the mountain they continued. (The truck didn't actually make it the entire way to the compound that would house the team for the week. But thankfully it did get them close! Then, many local Haitians helped to carry the teams equipment the rest of the way!)

This is a Raincatcher. This week it was extremely rainy, so it wasn't long before this Raincatcher was put to good use!

This week the team hung or repaired THIRTY NINE Raincatchers! What a huge blessing!
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How amazing that something so simple can change lives so much! You did an amazing thing with your classes....not only helping people here in the USA, but the numerous families that will have a better life because of you and Dave!
Way to go Webbers!!

Laura Webber

Thanks! It has been so awesome to be a part of this great organization!!!