Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where Beauty and Poverty Meet

Here is just a peek into the work that Raincatchers does to help the people of Haiti. is an outreach organization who has chosen to bring compassion, the love of Jesus and the means to give an endless supply of clean drinking water to families living in Haiti.

The actual Raincatcher is a gutter system used to catch rain water as it spills off of the rooftops of houses. The water runs off the roof and makes its way into the PVC piping. The PVC piping leads into a hose, which filters out sediment, and then the water is deposited into a 55 gallon barrel drum. Rain water is the cleanest water that many Haitians are able to drink. The Raincatcher, while it looks primitive, it actually is one of the most amazing blessings that a family can receive.

For the families that are still waiting to receive their Raincatcher, a two hour trek (each way) is necessary to reach the nearest water source. This source is murky at best, but is all that is available to them. Can you imagine needing to travel two hours on foot to fill a five gallon bucket with murky water- only to have to carry the heavy bucket two hours back home... the whole time walking over rocky terrain?

This is where the $10 donation from each person who takes my coupon class goes. It is our responsibility to care for our own families as well as to take care of all of God's children around the globe. To read more about this outreach program please visit

Thank you to all of my students, together we raised $380 for Raincatchers!!! Way to Go!




That class was AMAZING. I have told several of my friends and they want to take the class. When can I schedule one? At the end of February maybe?

Thanks so much for sharing this.


Laura Webber

I am making myself available to teach classes all year long! I'll be in contact with you!!!