Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: I attended your coupon class in Southfield last week, and let me tell you...I've been a coupon freak ever since! LOL! I have to keep reminding myself of what you said during the class, "take it one store at a time"! It's SO overwhelming seeing all the sales papers and all the coupons...geesh! I know it is going to take some time to go from NEVER using coupons to your status!

My "coupon buddy" and I would like to ask you some questions if you don't mind. How do you know if you can use more than one coupon in the same transaction? For example, I have a coupon for $3 off razors. It looks like Target has them the cheapest, so if the razors are $3.99 at Target can I get 5 packs and use my 5 coupons or would I have to do 5 different transactions?

Me: Coupons that limit their spending to one per transaction will specifically state that information right on the coupon. Store coupons (like Target printables) are usually guilty of this type of wording! If your coupon does not limit... spend them all in a single transaction!

Coupon Clipper: What happens if you buy an item with a coupon, and you need to return it? Do you just loose the coupon since you already gave it to the store?

Me: All stores except Rite Aid (those stinkers!) will give you back the value of your manufacturer (NOT store, store coupon money is non-refundable) coupons when you return a product. I recently wrote an in depth post covering returns... but the best thing to keep in mind is to keep your returns to a minimum or it makes coupon spenders look shady!

Coupon Clipper: What's the best way to handle "$1 off when you buy 6" coupons? I know one of the goals is to build up our stockpile, but if I have to buy 3 packs of toilet tissue @ $5.49ea (for example) to get $0.50 off that doesn't seem like a deal. What's the best way to take advantage of those coupons?

Me: I rarely spend these types of coupons (except this week's Delmonte coupon for $1/5). It is perfectly acceptable to skip these types of coupons and hold out for the next round of coupons in hopes of more impressive savings (possibly with another brand).

The real trick to saving extensively is two fold:
1. Purchase items when you have a coupon that matches with a store sale.

2. Purchase in stockpilable quantities.

My rule is to look for 1-5 items every single week to stockpile. Little by little your personal "general store" will brim with all of the products that you use most, and that you were able to purchase for pennies on the dollar!

Thanks for the great questions!!!



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