Tuesday, September 22, 2009

THIS Close...

Can you envision me with my thumb and my index finger just BARELY touching? This is exactly how I feel right now!!!

I am a mere millimeter away from unveiling my next YAY! YAY! GIVE AWAY!!! (You know, the shopping spree with ME as your tour guide, MY coupons and MY $100 to spend... yep, that one!!!)

Tomorrow night I have a class in Clinton Township, and if I am able to sign up ONE MORE STUDENT- together we will have raised $5,000 for Raincatchers!!!

IF I am able to get at least ONE more student for Wednesday's class, I will announce the YAY! YAY! GIVE AWAY! first thing on Thursday morning!

I've got my fingers crossed!



Hi Laura,
Sounds like my sister-in-law is going to plan a coupon class with you at her place of work the hair salon. She said they have mentioned it to several customers and they are interested in joining them. Yeah! Just thought I would let you know. Not sure if she has contacted you yet.

Laura Webber

Not yet, but I would LOVE to!!! Thanks for the heads up! I hope to have a good hair day the night of the class!!! (wink!)

The team

You're hair is fabulous! I'm sure it will look great!!! COngrats on having your goal in such close reach!!!!!

Bargains to Bounty

Excellent! It's almost time to celebrate! And then set a new goal?