Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Morning...

This morning, as I was getting myself showered and ready for the day, I was thinking that coupon spenders (yours truly) and non- coupon spenders really aren't that different...

Both breeds of shoppers get themselves ready each day.

We all shampoo/condition our hair.
We all shave our legs and pits.
We all slather in yummy smelling body wash.

Getting Ready:
We all moisturize our faces and our bodies.
We all apply various types of make-up.
We all use hair products (I use two since I have unruly curls).
We all apply deodorant.

The ONLY difference between coupon spenders and non- coupon spenders is that I learned the art of getting the items that I use everyday... for FREE!!!


The team

Curious--Have you ever tried Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Mousse??? I have the crazy curls too, and I swear by it! Thanks to you---I used coupons to get like 12 bottles for free last month!!!!!

Laura Webber

I have yet to try the mousse... I'll try that next!!! (FREE of course!)

The team

Cool! Lemme know what you think if you try it!