Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How About a Little Yay! in your Day?

OK, how could I post about receiving TWO Catalinas for FREE ice cream without offering to GIVE ONE AWAY?

Consider this a mini Yay! Yay! Giveaway!

You've got a hankering for some FREE Edy's ice cream?
Here's how YOU can WIN:

1. Join the ranks of my followers!

2. Drop me a comment with your favorite flavor of the yummy/chilly stuff!

3. Return here at NOON on Thursday (9/17) to find out who the WINNER is!

Note: This FREE ice cream coupon is for Meijer and it expires on 9/22.



We LOVE ice cream at our house! I think my favorite is mint chocolate chip, but that could change! :-)


I like Edy's low sugar Mint Chocolate Chip - BUT if they have their pumpkin ice cream out for the fall, then I definitely need to get some of that!


My favorite is butter pecan...yummm! Thanks, Laura!



Becky D sent me a link to your website. I remember you from forever ago!!! Brianfest anyone?? Glad I'm not the only one hooked on coupons! Went to the Target baby sale last week and cleaned up (manufacturers coupons + in-store coupons!). BTW--I love butter pecan ice cream--I liked it while I was pregnant. :-) Crystal


The Mukavetz Clan love Edy's Drumstick!! YUM!!

The team

We love the Butterfinger Blast Edy's! So yummy--with crunchy butterfinger bites!

Charity Lemke

Edy's ice cream is the best! It's hard to pick my favorite...maybe mocha almond fudge or maybe samoas but I love a good butter pecan as well!


I love Edy's. especially the slow churned double chocolate brownie~ YUM!!

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

COOKIE DOUGH!!! What a great catalina!


Chocolate chip is a favorite at my house.


Double Fudge Brownie - Yum! My kids love it too!

Becky C

Moose Tracks or Cookies & Cream for me. (By the way, how did you qualify for this catalina?)

Becky C

Oops! Just saw the previous post. Now I know how you got those catalinas. :-)

The Pohl Family

Well my husband would tell you I am a freak about ice cream. When I was pregnant I had to have a bowl every night, not good when I was on insulin, YIKES. I am very specific about how many scoops, typically 3 scoops, occasionally 4 and not often. We could never afford the name brand stuff and usually do the big buckets at Kroger. At any rate I still am kinda stuck in that same pattern, however we have tried to break this habit for the benifit of our son's health, as well as our own. I have to say, "whew is it hard to break from that yummy stuff". I do not have a specific type I stick too. We tend to get chocolate, vanilla, and then will throw in a cookies and cream or mint. Something different. He gets frustrated because I will get tired of the same old thing and just not finish the container but still want "ice cream".

Good luck to all!


I love ice cream too- eat it a few nights a week I'm afraid!
Did anyone ever try the promotional flavor (I think maybe Breyers?) of FRIED ICE CREAM? It was OH SO GOOD, but haven't seen it in awhile!

Anything with CHOCOLATE!! and a little coffee flavor doesn't hurt either :) If I get a really good flavor of ice cream I have to hide it in the back of the freezer so the kids can't find it (I have to admit I have eaten ice cream in the bathroom more than once to hide it from the kids!!) :O


Double chocolate brownie for me!


Not a big fan of ice cream, but my kids love any and all flavors!

Tracey B

I am a plain jane, my fav is Vanilla.


My favorite is DEFINITELY cookie dough. I also just began following you. :) Thanks!


I just joined, my daughter Theresa saw you in Southfield, and was so excited, i can't wait to attend your class. she learned so much

Laura Webber

yay! Thanks!


i can't wait to see you, being handicapped do you ever come to group of women, or even men. i live in Canton


my favorite ice cream is the chocate & vanilla together, the ligdt kind


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