Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

I LOVE heading out of the grocery store with a cart load of stockpilable items... for $5-ish!!!

Grocery Total: $85.60
Spent: $5.56 & Saved: $80.04
22 coupon spent
28+ FREE items (I spent $18 in store rewards earned two weeks ago)

I was totally digging the purchase 5 items and receive $5 off instantly! I made 4 transactions. The total on my first two transactions were $.01/each, and my third transaction was $.25... so I paid for those in cash! :) The fourth transaction was a whopping $5.29.

The Capri Sun's were subbed for the Kool Aid Jammers since the shelves were bare, and the store still allowed for the $5 discount! That was kind of them!

I also walked out of the store with (2) Catalina coupons for FREE Edy's ice cream (a $5.79 value each!!!) for purchasing the Juicy Juice. Juicy Juice (100% juice) is on sale this week for $2.19. Spend the manufacturer coupon for $.50/2 and the mealbox coupon for $1/4 = $1.44/container. Purchase 3 (or 4 in my case) in a single transaction to receive FREE ice cream! Yum!



Where did the store rewards come from? I've heard of people getting $10 off of $100 and $5 off of $50 coupons, but that's never happened for me. What am I missing?

Laura Webber

I purchased Kool Aid two weeks ago, and for every transaction of three boxes (FREE after coupons) I received a store coupon for $2 off of my next purchase!


How did you get the subbed Capri Suns? Did you ask for a replacement?


What was on your first two transactions?