Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Home Grown Tomatoes

This is what my kitchen windowsill is adorned with ruby red tomatoes! YUM! I'm actually guilty as charged at snitching a tomato to eat every time I wash my hands... and for those of you who know me well... I eat a lot of tomatoes!

I am more of a creature of habit when it comes to lunch. I eat a salad (hence all of the Romain lettuce I buy) almost every single day. Earlier in the week I noticed that I had a few leftover tortillas from dinner the other night. I decided to sprinkle a little bit of cheese on top of one tortilla, then I diced and spread a layer of (3) Roma's, then layered another thin coating of cheese, topped by the second tortilla. I microwaved this for one minute and then I dipped each yummy bite in sour cream!
Holy cow, this was unbelievably yummy! You've got to try it!



Wow, Laura, your tomatoes are beautiful! Yum is right! I'll be trying your "recipe" very soon. I've bought some of the taco items lately due to the available coupons, and I know I'll have extra tortillas (I always do). Now I know what I'll do differently with them this time!

Take care,

Laura Webber