Sunday, September 27, 2009

Groceries from SUPER Kroger

SUPER Kroger never disappoints this seasoned shopper!!!
Grocery Total: $118.81
Spent: $8.24 & Saved: $110.57
73 coupons spent
31 FREE items
Thanks to those who shopped with me today! You ladies were FUN!



SO jealous of your paper towels! That's something that I feel like I hardly ever get a good deal on. And I'm SO going to do Super Kroger with you someday. :-)

I had SO MUCH fun today!! Sandy (yes - I am a sharp scissors lady groupie!!)

Laura Webber

I seriously almost wet my pants when I was able to score 6 rolls of VIVA paper towels for FREE!

At least I could have dried myself off inexpensively!!!

Becky C

Thanks for the heads up on the Viva paper towels today. I happily put back the Bounty ones that I was going to get for 39 cents and got the free ones instead. :-) My sister and I had a great time. Thanks for sharing your insights (and your coupons) with us!


What coupons did you have to get those Viva paper towels for free?! All I seem to get are for only $0.60 off...

Laura Webber

I hade some manufacturer coupons for $1/2 that I picked up a Meijer a few months ago... Viva had been on sale for $1/roll, so when my coupon doubled, two rolls were FREE!