Sunday, September 27, 2009

August's Stats

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I'm kind of embarrassed that it is nearly time for me to add up my September shopping stats and I have just sat down to enter my August receipts... ah, well. Better late than never!!!

Keep in mind that I am a 'hard core stockpiler!' I look for items that my family eats/uses on a regular basis each week to stock up on. I have committed to doing this every single week for the past 18 months. Little by little I have stocked my pantry shelves so that I can 'shop' from my own pantry shelves instead of paying full price when I run out of a family essential.

August 2009
Spent: $146.33
Saved: $567.73
Coupons spent: 271
FREE items: 147 items

***I decided to see how much of my spending was for grocery items and how much was spent on other household items like cleaning supplies, wipes and other items to run our household smoothly.

Grocery items: $117.18
Household items: $29.15
Recent spending:
July 2009 spending: $172.62
June 2009 spending: $293.16
May 2009 spending: $240.18