Sunday, August 2, 2009

Target Gift Card Challenge Update:

With $3.67 remaining on my Mother's Day gift card... I knew I had to do some impressive shopping for my "Eleventh Hour!"

I had yet to purchase 10 qualifying items (in a single transaction) to be eligible for the Kelloggs $10 rebate- so I decided to purchase 10 boxes of Pop Tarts. I spent manufacturer coupons and Target store coupons and I snagged 10 boxes for $2.90.

Then I stumbled upon some high value Morningstar Farms coupons while grocery shopping at Meijer. Morningstar Farms had booklets made with (5) $2 coupons inside... and each time I passed by the display I picked up one and my son needed one of his own (shucks!!!).

I often pick up booklets and flyers in the stores without flipping through them- just a habit, so I was shocked when I realized that I could combine these $2 manufacturer coupons with Target's store coupon of $2/2 Morningstar Farms products. Combining these two coupons I received $3 off per package!

Morningstar Farms offers vegetarian "meats" simulating products like chicken nuggets, bacon and burgers and ground beef. The prices ranged from $2.99-$3.39 per package... and Morningstar Farms products also qualify for the Kelloggs $10 rebate.

I purchased 3 batches of Kellogg qualifying products (the last batch of Morningstar Farms products are not pictured... enough was enough!) so I will earn $30 in rebates... more than my gift card even began with!!! I have decided to allow the gift card challenge to be gently laid to rest when I have finally spent the last remaining penny. ***Instead of rolling the rebate money back into the gift card spending like I did with the Swiffer rebate money that I had earned in one of my very first gift card purchases!

Long live the gift card!!!

For my three transactions (only 2 pictured!)
Grocery total: $79.20
Spent: $3.30 & Saved:$ 75.90
(I have earned $26.70)
Grand total spent: $19.63
Grand total saved: $424.44
$.37 left to spend!!!



You are my hero!!!

Laura Webber

Haha... Thanks!


I have to admit to being really frightened now about the gift card challenge!!!!! I'm stunned at your expertise and fortitude!!

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

I couldn't figure out how to get the poptarts to be that cheap, even though I read others had been doing it. What coupons did you use???

Laura Webber

I'm nlt exactly sure how my total was that low either... I used the manufacturer coupons from the paper a few weeks ago, some IP's and the Target coupons. I hope that was helpful!


But, Laura, where did you get the Target coupons...from their website recently? And what are IPs?

Thanks, PAM

Mom C

Laura, I was wondering about the $30 qualifying products for rebates that you mentioned. Were you speaking of the Kellog's Fuel for School rebates because I thought we could only get one? Is there another rebate or am I missing something? Thanks. Barb


I was wondering the same thing. The Fuel for School rebate definitely says limit one per name, address, or household...How will you get three $10 rebates?

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I get 3 rebates by using my address, my work address (since I get the mail!) and my mom's address :-)

BTW, I read on a posting today that some Walmarts have the pop tarts on rollback for $0.98, so if you can't find the Target coupons to stack (like on a full cup) then you might have luck at Walmart.