Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

My boys LOVE ice cream... my Little Guy will sometimes even hang from the freezer door handle and chant "ice cone, ice cone, ice cone" in hopes of a sweet frozen treat! When ice cream is inexpensive (or FREE) I stock up!

Grocery Total $60.44
Spent: $.50 & Saved: $59.94
30 coupons spent
36 FREE items!



This is just amazing to me.. I can't wait to take your class to find out how you do it!

Laura Webber

Which class will you be attending? I have a couple more that I am finalizing details and will be posting soon!


Where are these classes you're finalizing now, may be closer than the Holly one for me.

Also, I asked a Target question under your Target post...where did you find the Target coupons...on their website recently? How often do they change their coupons? And what are IPs?

And lastly (sorry!), can you use more than one coupon on a single item (manufacturers coupon + store coupon, for example)? And when you're getting a BOGO free item, can you use a coupon on the free item?

Thanks, Laura! I'm trying hard on the Target gift card challenge but am not having much success in finding the deals that you find.


The Pohl Family

Too can not wait to take a class. I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to coupons and sales but what you post is just beyond me.

Carrie Miller

I'm jealous of the storage space that must be in your house! If I bought everything in this large of quantities I'd be tripping over boxes of food in my living room. Darn houses without basements! :)
I'll be looking for details on your next classes, I can't wait to attend one.


I was thinking of going to the one in Holly with some people from the nest but it's kind of a far drive. What other classes do you have in the works??

Laura Webber

I'll post about these questions...

Laura Webber

PS: I heart basements... we call our storage the Webber General Store and many people benefit from it being well stocked!!!


How did you score this deal? I do not see anything but the Breyers ice cream in the sale paper, please share!