Thursday, August 13, 2009

Super Sale...

I'm really sorry about posting my purchase so far after the sale, but... well, I'm playing catch up on a lot of things!

Grocery Total: $131.61
Spent: $25.91 & Saved: 105.70
I prefer to purchase chicken when it is on sale, and Tyson frozen chicken breasts were on sale at Meijer last weekend $4.49 for 2.5 pounds. Normally these bags sell for $9.99, so it was already a good deal. I was bummed because the only coupons that I had for Tyson were for the fresh products, so I did pay full sale price.
I purchased 12 bags of chicken (30 pounds), plus our other fresh items with $25 in Meijer gift cards that I had received due to a terrible experience that I had in the store a few months back, $8 in store reward money (from purchasing Skippy PB and and other qualifying items a few weeks back) and of course, my $25.91 cash.
Yes, 30 pounds of chicken is a bit excessive, but it was a great deal, and our family entertains A LOT, so in the long run I have purchased quality meat for a great price meal after meal after meal...
When I mentioned that I had $25 in Meijer gift cards just waiting to be spent... I meant that I was holding on to the cards for 'just the right purchase!' I could have picked up a new toy for my son, I could have splurged and purchased a new set of cookie sheets, or cake pans... I could have just wasted away the money on something that we really didn't 'need,' but instead I saved it for something that would make a dent in our budget. I'd rather have a freezer filled with chicken waiting to be cooked for either my family or guests than just another something taking up space in my house.
How about you? Are you a gift card 'squirrel-er away-er?' Or do you spend the gift cards contents as soon at the plastic hits your finger tips?



Unfortunately, I'm a "can't spend it fast enough" kinda girl. Which is why I am in need of some coupon savvy schooling! :)